Pre Wedding Diet Plan

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Pre Wedding Diet Plan

With winter setting in, it’s that time of the year again when there are weddings all around. With butterflies in your stomach, prepping up for your big day can really be a challenge. The shopping spree can often lead to binge eating and slipping away of your diet routine.

Here we bring you easy to follow diet tips and tricks to get optimum nutrition before you are ready to walk down the aisle! Also, you are welcome!

Early Morning
  • Handful almonds and walnuts
  • Aloe vera water/Lemon water
  • Mushroom avocado toast with buttermilk
  • Vegetables stuffed omelet with toast and carrot ginger smoothie
  • Ragi idli with tomato chutney and berry smoothie
Mid Day
  • Vegetable juice
  • Mix fruit bowl with flaxseeds
  • Oats uttpam stuffed with vegetables + sambhar + salad
  • Vegetable biriyani + mint raita +vegetables + salad
  • Chapatti +egg and spinach bhurji + vegetables + salad
Evening Snacks
  • Tea/ Green tea with moong dal beetroot stir fry
  • Sweet potato chaat
  • Jowar veggie mix + sauté broccoli
  • Chicken and lettuce salad with pesto dressing+ quinoa soup
  • Plain dosa with mint chutney
Post Dinner
  • Milk
  • Fruits

Diet Tips for a Bride-to-be
A bride-to-be should not follow crash diets as these can affect her metabolism and skin health.

  • Starving yourself can lead to nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. Also, you might end up looking tired on your big day. Therefore, it is important to include all the food groups in the diet.
  • To lose weight, do not go down to fewer calories but instead make smarter choices.
  • Stay hydrated as this helps your skin to glow and get rid of toxins.
  • When you are out for shopping, make sure to carry healthy snacking options like nuts or choose healthier alternatives like sweet potato, corn, coconut water, and fruits.
  • Eat before stepping out for shopping rather than going empty stomach. This prevents binge eating and helps you make better choices.

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