Pitch Perfect: The Right Ways Of Hydration

By      10-May 2019       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Pitch Perfect: The Right Ways Of Hydration

Perfect energy is required to play on a perfect pitch. Since IPL season is going on, we wondered to acknowledge the most prompt concern of staying hydrated when you are either sides of the pitch or may be on the pitch! Even if you are playing or not, you will sweat under the distinct situations- field pressure makes you sweat and so does an urge to win while seating on your respective couch! Hence to it becomes necessary to always keep water bottle under your hand just to avoid the situation of dehydration or lack of energy.

Water is said to be an essential nutrient involved in each and every bodily functions- from digestion to the circulation of apt body temperature which is extremely vital to maintain while playing on the pitch. To perform optimally, there are set cricketer nutrition and cricketer diet wherein, the intake of certain nutrients is significantly high as compared to a normal diet such as carbohydrates, energy and protein. Amongst which staying hydrated is also mandatory. Here are few ways to stay hydrated effortlessly.

  • Vegetable Juice: It’s always preferred to opt for vegetables juice instead of fruits juice. The reason all surrounds the fibre content! Juicing fruits extracts the most of fiber content out of the fruits which not just simple deprives you from vital nutrients but also from staying hydrated. Hence, it’s suggested to opt for vegetables juice as fibre content stays intact to it which help keep you hydrated!
  • High Water Content Fruit Salad: Fruits like berries are comprised of 92% water content. Further to it, it also has profusion of antioxidants, which help keep the blood sugar levels low. Watermelon, cantaloupe and cucumber are other fruits and veggies that have high water content which help you keep hydrated and energized. Nonetheless, they have low calorie density and are nutrient dense fruits.
  • Coconut Water: Coconut water- natural sports drink/ clear liquid found within immature coconuts. It’s an extremely refreshing tropical drink to fight off the summer thirst. Coconut water at times is referred as green coconut water due to the immature coconut’s green color. Also, it consists of natural electrolytes, vitamins and minerals making it the pitch perfect drink.
  • Fruit/ Infused Water: Fruit/ infused water- water that is infused with sliced fresh fruits and vegetables including herbs like mint. Sometimes, also referred as detox water. Moreover, it comprised of array of antioxidants and vitamins- probably about twenty percent of freshly squeezed fruits. In addition, fruit/ infused water aids in speeding up the body’s metabolism, prevent muscle cramping and increase energy levels.

Over to You

The significance of this blog is to hydrate yourself! So, if you are playing or just simply watching IPL with full excitement, the only thing we would like to suggest you is, stay hydrated by following the effortless ways mentioned above. Happy IPL Season!!!


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