Overcome The Fear Of Foods

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Overcome The Fear Of Foods

If “food” comes along with the word “fear” then this blog is solely for you. Food fear (Food phobia or cibophobia) is somewhat, depriving youth of nutrition. It’s of two types – some specific food or food group aversion or the fear of swallowing food thinking eating can be risky. Having a scary image of foods in your mind thinking it will lead to weight gain and body shaming. In the phase of developing the fear of foods, you forget that food is not something which is going to be stored in your body forever. Food gets burned in the form of energy your body utilizes while performing daily tasks.

So, the first thing you need to understand that sketching out fear for foods or any nutrient such as fat, carbs, starch or calories is not the right way to meet your body requirements just because you worry for those extra kilos. Eating food in a right amount and at right time never harms you back. So, whatever food rules or food fear you might have, food never bites you in turn.

Ultimately, fear of foods is a process that hinders your own personal growth. However, feeling afraid and doing behavioural actions anyway can be treated when self-courage is shown to introduce new healthy foods in your meal. Although, such eating disorders are much more complex than being some specific food group critic. The recovery process of normalizing your relationship with food by pushing yourself a step ahead from your comfort zone can be the beginning of happy health nurturing days.

But before discussing any further, let’s see how the fear of food affects you emotionally and physically:

  • This fear lets you dictate how you must feel about yourself.

  • Make yourself starve and the body undernourished.

  • Puke when before trying something new or after trying it.

  • You experience fear, what will happen if you choose to eat “this” or “that.”

  • Feel extremely guilty when you go against your “food specifications.”

  • Get stressed out or anxious with a mere thought of eating out at a restaurant or what to choose from an overloaded menu.

  • Make yourself pay if you as taste a bit of a cookie or eat something which wasn’t strategically decided.

So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to continue this way only or have a mindset up to overcome your fear of foods but can’t? Well, if so then you must try this suggestion gradually in your life to eat happily anything like others.

  • Try introducing that new ‘fear’ food along with familiar foods you generally eat or like to eat. In this way, you can physiologically accept the new food all together with food you like to eat on daily basis.

  • Stop viewing foods as good or bad food as it will only make difficult for you to eat a new food. Considering all food items from one perspective will increase the chance to include them in your diet easily.

  • Gradually increase portions of new food with little more every next time you have it. If you will eat the larger portion of new food at one time, might possibly flip the situation and worsen it more.

  • Search out for a fun way to incorporate new fear food in some recipe of some sort so that it becomes easier for you to eat it in a different way without facing any taste dislike issues.

  • Rather than saying no to what you don’t eat or drink, try saying yes to it. For instance, instead of saying you can’t drink milk because it tastes bad try saying you want to drink milk because it’s healthy and makes you stronger.

Over to you

Foods fear widely seen in youngsters is much less talked about the serious issue, which has unhealthy effects on the body and also on lifestyle. In order, to overcome the fear of foods you have to understand the natural concept of how well-balanced food is important to lead a healthy and active life. Also, we have discussed the tips you can follow to over this fear. Make food your strength, not your weakness.


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