One in a Million-Melon

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One in a Million-Melon

More the sweltering heat, more the options to defeat it! Confused? Well, to elaborate it more specifically, let’s dive into this one in million-melon blog to decode the anatomy of summers and how to fight it off smartly!

Refreshment is to be given to the body in order to keep it cool by simply adding melons in your diet. Since melons have the coolant properties, it’s the perfect fruit to rely on for the natural refreshment. Melons are available in numerous varieties across the world. We generally count on melons like watermelon, muskmelon and cantaloupe. But today we are going to discuss much more, further in this blog!

Next, talking about melon benefits, there’s a lot more to discover in terms of nutritional values and facts intact to it. Nonetheless, do you know the skin of variety of melons protects its sweetness, aromatic flesh and succulence? Well, yes it’s true! That how mother nature mercy on humankind. Let’s explore more to it!

Health Benefits Of Melons

  • The electrolytes in the melon help you avoid dehydration.
  • Adequate consumption of melons is also seen to help in proper digestion.
  • Melons are noted to help in reducing blood pressure levels.
  • Plays a role in promoting immune system.
  • Aids in nourishing skin health as it promotes the production of collagen and protects from sun burn.

Types Of Melons

  • Watermelon: The list of course cannot get started without a watermelon. It contains 90- 92% of water which helps keep the body hydrated during summers. Eating fruits and vegetables with high water content is the reasons why it helps you feel fuller. The combination of high water and fiber content in your diet means you’re consuming a significant quantity of food without loading up with many calories. Vitamin A, B1, B5, B6, C and many healthy plant compounds make the watermelon one in a million melon refreshing fruit.
  • Cantaloupe OR Muskmelon: The meekly sweetness and rich fragrance of cantaloupe comes with multiplicity of health nourishing benefits which make it perfect to fit in your summer diet plan. Also, it natural help combat the heat due to bountiful of natural electrolyte.
  • Honeydew: The sweet flesh of honeydew is naturally in light green colour, with white-yellow tone spots on its skin. The size of it is somewhat similar to cantaloupe. Moreover, it has various plant compounds and nutrients which are responsible for its potential health benefits. It’s full of carbs, fiber, vitamin-C, B-6, K, folate, potassium and magnesium.
  • Canary melon: Consisting the same sweetness and health benefits like other melons, Canary melon too is the synonym to summers. Adding it to your summer fruit diet not just keeps a lipid on calories but also laden the daily diet with nutrients like Vitamin A and C. Both of these nutrients are important to body as it aids in protecting cell from free radicals and supporting vision.

Over to you

Melons are not just delicious, succulent and full of nutrients, but also hydrating that keeps you revived throughout the summer season. So, get this healthy fruit diet (melons) incorporated in your summer diet to attain the best out of one in a million-melon!


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