Nutritional Fitness tips for your wedding day

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Nutritional Fitness tips for your wedding day

The wedding season is surely a great time for the bride to focus on nutrition and fitness. And why not! Every bride wants to look good in the photos, dress, and on the dance floor.

The fascinating decorations and the fancy attires– it’s no wonder why brides are crazy to look best on their wedding day!

When it comes to slim body and bombshell beauty, everybody easily locates their source of inspiration. But taking shortcuts like divas do by following various diets like keto is never an option to get in shape.

Following quick fixes to shedding the extra pounds or tone up the body for the wedding is not reliable. Short-term solutions will help you in losing the extra belly inches but with a cost of nutrient loss. Making healthy changes to your current diet and exercise regimen can create a sustainable weight for the long-term. Also, it does not take your nutrition away from you and glow your skin like a chandelier on your big “I do” day.

Here are some nutritional fitness tips that not only watch your waistline but also make you feel healthy for the wedding. Just follow these steps by heart and we will definitely assure you that you will slay your bridal look. It only takes 21 days to form a habit, so start following these underwritten tips today!

Start changing the size of your plate: The first and foremost step to get the slim body is to change the size of the portion you eat. Eat 5-6 meals in a day but the quantity size should be small as compared to what you take previously. Some people have high metabolism but for those with a slow metabolic rate should start to balance their diet and always maintain a log of what you eat and when you eat. Also, skipping meals is not an option for weight loss. It will not only harm your energy levels but also take away your natural glow. And guess what?? You will look tired and exhausted with big dark circles on your wedding day.

Set goals for hydration: Take a good habit from the Bollywood stars and start keeping your water bottles closer. Hydration is the key to lose inches and drinking water throughout the day will keep your skin shine like nothing else. So, start makes your goals for keeping a check of hydration levels. If you don’t hydrate yourself you can feel heartburn, stomach ache, headache and water retention– and who bride wants to suffer from such things right before the wedding? So, it is important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before your wedding day.

Smart snacking is a must: Healthy snacking is a must. A healthy snack is full of protein, iron, Vitamins and whole grains which are an excellent source of energy. Plan your meal in a way, so that you can manage time for your snacks with each meal you eat. There are various options for the healthy snack that includes trail mix, wheat crackers, fruits and avocados. It is a good idea to keep a volume of these snacks near you so that you can eat wherever you go. This way you can easily avoid your hunger pangs and the unnecessary unhealthy eating.

Join the exercise you like: Do whatever you want but without exercise nothing is possible. Regular exercise can help in relieving stress, and tone up your body like nothing else. Doing exercise 3 months before your big wedding day is a great way to look happy and healthy with a perfect glow on your wedding day. So, make your list, keep a check of your exercises and get out that “me” time and start getting involve yourself in a fitness program. Start with the moderate intensity of walking, yoga, Zumba and running and then improve your intensity.

Your bridal fitness tips are here waiting for you. Just make a healthy regime, stick to that and never misses these points from your life. Get in shape and enjoy your wedding with sexy body and chandelier-like glow!

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