National Children’s Day: Positive Impact of Healthy Childhood Nutrition

By      14-Nov 2019       Reading Time: 6 Mins

National Children’s Day: Positive Impact of Healthy Childhood Nutrition

Ah, the kids! Kids are one of the pickiest eaters and never like green and healthy veggies or snacks when it comes to healthy eating. Many times, planning meal for kids looks like a battlefield for the parents. Isn’t it? Cooking and mixing every health-friendly veggie in a way your kid will like and eat without making noses is quite a tough job for every parent out there.

If you to feel like tired and bored of cooking those same old recipes that your kid will not even look at, then here are some interesting and healthy ideas for you that not only be a great time saver for you and your kid but also serves a great flavour to their taste buds with the brownie point of proper calories and nutrition. Not only this, we have brought the list of recipe that are kids friendly i.e. your kids can also cook these recipes but only in your guidance.

Our Kid-Friendly Recipes will give your kid a nutritious punch in less than 20 minutes with the funky and quirky appearance that no kid can ever resist to eat! Be it pizza, macaroni or cheese, here is your one-stop-shop for everything healthy and yummy. The best part of these recipes is that adults can also enjoy these creative recipes too.

So, give these recipes a shot with your kid and not only make a nutritious meal but also form a strong bond with your kid. Let’s get started:

Mini bow ties with green veggies: Finishing the peas and carrots served to a kid is no less than understanding them the importance of healthy food. This dish is something that makes your kid happy without taking away their nutrition. Just boil some whole wheat mini bow ties pasta and mix it with peas, mushrooms, and more other green veggies and add some homemade cooked white sauce over it. It will look fascinating to your kid and you don’t have to worry about the nutrients as well. (the trick here is adding more veggies than the quantity of pasta into this).

Quirky apples with eyes and mouth: This recipe is really charming and fascinating. It looks like apple monsters after preparation. Take green apples and cut it in the shape of the mouth and then place the strawberries inside it and make eye and its teeth by using sunflower seeds and cottage cheese on the top of it and you are done! Isn’t it damn easy?

Rainbow green salad: Take a jar, sautee veggies of different colours and layer up the veggies in a multicolour pattern (one over the other). You can add veggies like carrots, peas, bell peppers, capsicum, corns and whatever your kid likes. Trust us, it is utterly delicious and will look amazing after preparation.

Wheat noodles with broccoli: Noodles is every kid’s favourite and we always try to keep them away from such things. But, not now! This recipe is extraordinarily delicious and healthy that not only give a taste to your kid’s taste buds but also give them perfect nutrition. All you have to do is cook some home-made marinara sauce by mixing tomato puree, herbs, garlic and black pepper together and serve it with broccoli and wheat noodles. Try this and we assure you that your kid will come back to the kitchen for more.

Desert tacos: Well, who does not love the desert? Every kid does! For all those sweet tooth and dessert cravers’ kids out there, here is something which is extremely easy to make and gives the punch of healthiness with every bite. This dessert taco is made up of the filling of strawberries and other fruits and can be easily be consumed with the dip of yoghurt. Pack it with the goodness of different types of berries like strawberries and blueberries and more and have it after the dinner.

You know what the plus point of this recipe is– these are not too messy to eat like other deserts! Give it a shot and your kid will definitely love it.

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