My Health & Fitness Insights In & Out of the Field

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My Health & Fitness Insights In & Out of the Field

Hockey! A sport discipline that requires charged-up enthuse with the deadly combination of energy and the right nutrition. And when it comes to sports, someone has rightly quoted “proper nutrition is the key to unlock the body’s potential.”

I firmly believe that following a proper diet with a lot of nutrients goes a long way with you.

It not only boosts your performance but also gives you that complete perfect nutrition that is quintessential to manage an active life. Paralleling healthy eating with equally nutritious food will ensure to keep you on the track of health & fitness.

Having gone through a lot of grinds, sportspersons always need high-intensity workouts with a lot of carbohydrates. Consuming healthy carbohydrates rich foods like quinoa, fresh fruit, sweet potatoes, and steel-cut oats is what most of the active sportsmen survive by. A significant element for every sportsperson is to stay fit. So, here I am throwing some light on golden rules I swear by to keep myself fit and fine. SO, let’s get started with the basics.

How I prep before a Match

The final round of preparation starts 1-2 days before. One day before you ensure to hydrate yourself and watch some videos to keep yourself motivated. Precise attention is paid to what you are eating, what you are drinking, how you have slept, and what your mood is. Three hours before the match, you get finished with your meals and just focus on keeping yourself hydrated. Field players are the ones who run a lot, so definitely they need more energy if I compare them to myself managing the goal post. So, field players generally intake more carbs on the match-day like wheat pasta and multigrain bread. And, me as a goal-keeper, I need more of protein and some caffeine to keep myself alert and attentive.

Post-Match Meal Ideas

  • Banana
  • Egg Whites
  • Chicken (boiled or roasted or grilled) with vegetables
  • Steamed Broccoli

Pre Match Meal Ideas

  • Whole-wheat pasta with cheese
  • Whole-wheat pasta with chicken or lamb
  • Vegetables
  • Veg Sandwich
  • Avocado Sandwich
  • Chicken Sandwich
  • Dates and Walnuts

Best Fluids to keep yourself hydrated

  • Plain water
  • Coconut water

When it comes to food, I am a self-confessed foodie. But, I also see a lot of difference in my agility and stamina ever since I have started paying strict attention to my diet. Right food has helped me to be more flexible and now I can move faster to save the goals. Though I absolutely relish eating good food, but when it comes to a big event, it’s about performance in the end. Food I miss eating– rice and fish curry which is my go-to food. Tapioca and fish curry is my second favourite food. Whenever I visit my hometown, I make sure I indulge into these dishes as often as I can. I also used to enjoy a varieties of sweets, but now I keep a strict control.

Before you follow any dietary regimen, always remember it is crucial to consult a qualified nutritionist to help you chalk out a customized diet plan that suits your lifestyle and health goals.

My Source of Motivation

Every day when you wake up, you are presented with a set of new challenges. I always try to upgrade my performance- both physically and mentally. I keep challenging myself through various set of activities and make sure that I am improving day by day. It’s not about who you are playing…It’s all about keeping the scoreboard clean.

It’s a great proud factor to represent 130 crore people and when you are wearing Indian jersey standing on the field, your flag is raising up and the national anthem is being played- it is a different feeling altogether. Also, when our team won the 2014 Asian Games Hockey Medal that is surely one of my most cherished moments in life.

If not hockey, I would have been into football because being a Keralite, football is in my blood. Otherwise, I am all up for opportunities where I can motivate youngsters who want to be in sports.

Mental Conditioning is Important

Many youngsters start to overthink before or during tough matches. I speak with a couple of psychologists for positive mental conditioning. I read some good books, and watch some motivating videos.

My Motto for Healthy Life

It definitely is- ‘eat healthy, hydrate yourself, exercise regularly, breathe deep and enjoy life’. And most important pay discrete attention to what suits your body. Choose wisely!

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P. R. Sreejesh is Goalkeeper.
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