Know Coastals From Close (Thailand and Goa)

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Know Coastals From Close (Thailand and Goa)

From cultural diversity to tropical beaches to glittering Temples-Thailand indeed sounds like a land of bountiful scenes. And then Goa from India, portraying diversity in terms of history and food culture both. So, let read more to unlock the a close to the Coastals- (Thailand and Goa).

A Close Look To Thailand

Located in mainland south-east Asia, this tropical country is a getaway for hedonist and the hermit, the prince and the pauper. Culture is influenced by Chinese, Indian, Burmese that blends into the Thai cultural sphere. Planninga trip to this amazing place will offer you meditation in Chiang mai, Beach fun and in Phuket and Pattaya, holistic health approach in KohSamui and adventurous sports like Water Rafting, free diving, scuba diving and much more stuff. So if you are planning your holiday, this place will cater everything.

While traveling in Thailand, you also might think about having healthy Thai food.So, to make that easy, we have made a food guide of for you to know coastal from close.

  • Gang jued: This health Thai soup is a combination of carrots, cabbage, onions, tofu, glass noodles, and garnished with fresh parsley. A Colorful medley of ingredients is packed with nutrition and can easily make up for the greasier soup.

Health bonus- Protein, vitamin and fiber.

  • SomTam: If you are devoted healthy eater, you cannot miss this salad. Thailand’s most famous salad is a combination of all the seasonal vegetables and dried shrimp or crab. Further on some place,they might add sugar and fish sauce, which can be high in sodium. So you can ask to exclude it.

Health bonus: Fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

  • Kanomjeen: When you are in Thailand you cannot miss the noodles that form the ingredient of many staple foods in this place. Kanomjeen is made from fermented rice and served along with curry (opt for a healthy curry) that is topped with cucumber and cabbage.

Health bonus: Fermented rice is good for digestion.

  • Khao man gai: This classic combination of boiled or grilled chicken breast served with rice, hasa high protein to carb ratio, is known as khao man gai in Thailand. Some restaurants do add chicken skin and skip the breast so you should watch out. Skip the sauce that comes along the dish and you can have it without any guilt.

Health bonus: Chicken breast high source of protein.

  • Pla Nueng Manao: Being as a Healthy food your essential health criteria from this dish will not be disappointed. This steamed whole fish with a lime dressing is sometimes boiled in this limey sauce or poached is also known by the name poached fish with lime.

Health bonus: Fish is a great source of lean protein and with this method of cooking all the nutrients are intact.

There are so many enticing dishes and food vendors on every street that it is hard not to catch yourself with. As it is not good on the health chart because they contain palm sugar, MSG, most of the sauces used are high in sodium, lots of fats and oil. So, eat such dishes like (Pad Thai, Spring rolls, MSG soups, Tom KaGai, Mango sticky rice, Deep fried fish with lots of salt, Coconut rice) in moderation.


A Close Look To Goa

Great beaches, awesome foods, and shopping, it has become a destination of choice for many Tourists—Goa, located in the western coastline of India stretching along the Arabian Sea. Goa has a unique combination of Indian, ottomans and Portuguese cultures and architecture that shows in its religion, foods and cultures that can be seen in the Goan Carnival and Christmas-new year celebrations that is well known and attracts tourists from all over the places.

Goan cuisine is an exotic blend of spices that has been influenced by foreign culture and immigrants – which means a good fusion of foods. The distinctive feature of Goan cuisine is the use of Rice, seafood, coconut, kokum and local spices.

  • Goan fish curry: Also known as Xitt Codi in Goa, this is one of the most famous and is a part of the staple diet of the Goan people. The Fish Curry is prepared from the marinated pomfret fish, spices and raw mango is added for the tangy flavor to the curry.

Health bonus: You can never go wrong with fish, as it’s good for heart and brain health due to high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Kalputi: Seafood is always our preferred choice when we go to coastal areas. This one will definitely be your amazing experience for your taste buds. A unique curried fish, Kalputi is made using flesh obtained from the head and tail of fish. It’s cooked in a spicy curry that is flavored with kokum and coconut. Other variations include mackerel and kingfish. It is best eaten with hot steamed rice.

Health bonus: High in protein, vitamins and mineral including carbs.

  • Chicken Xacuti: Rich, delicious blend of local spices along with grated coconut makes this one an authentic experience of Goan curry. Local variety might include lamb as well. Chicken provides a good source of protein and coconut has antioxidant properties, so this will be a good one for your taste buds as well as for the health.

Health bonus: Excellent source of dietary fiber, potassium, niacin, protein, selenium and vitamin B6.

  • Fish Recheado: A popular Goan dish, where Fish like pomfret, mackerel are stuffed with tangy and spicy paste and is fried or baked depending upon your choice. As the Goan cuisine is influenced by Portuguese, the word Recheado means ‘stuffed’. This dish is served with steamed rice or bread.

Health bonus: Significantly high in protein, calcium, vitamin A, D and B vitamins.

  • Fonna Kadhi: Kadhi is one of the favorite dishes for most of us. Well, this one is not the regular kadhi. Goan kadhi is made with coconut milk and kokum fruit as the main ingredients. If you want to have another version of the kadhi you must definitely try this one.

Health bonus: Good in potassium, dietary fiber, magnesium and iron.

  • Khatkhatecurry: Most of the time we cook either lentils or vegetable. But this one is an amazing dish as this combines lentils with vegetable as it’s packed with protein and nutrients. Khatkhate is a spiced vegetable stew or gravy with lentils, coconut and spices. Prepared with at least five vegetables and might also include seasonal vegetables.

Health bonus: Not just serves protein but also multiple nutrients found in veggies such as antioxidants including phytochemicals.

  • Moong Gathi: It’s a traditional Goan dish usually served in temples. Made using sprouts of green gram in a delicious coconut gravy that is tempered with mustard leaves and curry leaves, made without using onion and garlic. The essential ingredient is moong dal which is loaded with vitamins and minerals that aid digestion and may lower blood sugar.

Health bonus: Provides fewer carbs, high-protein, vitamin B6 and dietary fiber.


Drinks that you can enjoy

  • Kokum juice: It’s refreshing and healthy containing antioxidant garcinol and vitamin C that helps fight inflammation and helps in having good immunity. This delicious juice is also good for appetite and digestion. So, it should be in your list of drinks to try in Goa.
  • Tender coconut water: Tender coconut water is filled with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Consumed since centuries this one is the healthiest water. So, next time you are on beach don’t forget to have this.


Over to you
When traveling to a distant travel destination, it’s important that you count on the benefits of the food that you are eating, as this will be a boon for your health. Try having the listed foods which will definitely make your travel guilt free.

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