Janmashtami Fasting Tips

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Janmashtami Fasting Tips

Janmashtami is an auspicious Hindu festival, celebrated with great joy and love that is followed throughout the day with different set rules in terms of eating patterns. Keeping all those set of eating patterns in mind, one must plan the day to a healthy sight. So, here we are with some fasting tips which should be followed to avoid any kind of health problems that may occur during the day of fasting. Have a look!

  • Plan the day before Janmashtami: Maintain your gut before the day of fast by eating healthy so that it will not disturb your stomach or cause indigestion on the day of janmashtami. Avoid falling for oily and fatty food, take lots of dietary fiber, dinner should be done before maximum 9:30 PM to prevent acidity, bloating and constipation. These are some measures that should be followed a night before fasting.
  • Pre fast meal: According to Hindu ritual, beginning of a day is considered after sunrise so, before that you can have some healthy chunk that will keep you active all day long and you won’t feel dizzy. You can start your day with fruits, smoothies or plain paneer so that you have ample of energy to start your day with.
  • Have much of fluid: Drink 3-3.5 litres of water or as much as you can because it will keep you active and your stomach’s ph will normal. The fluid intake will also prevent acidity. If not water than go for tender coconut water and lemon water without salt.
  • Reduce physical activities: To save energy, you need to reduce heavy physical activities and also you may have a spell of quietude, it will keep your mind calm and it will not ache due to hunger. You can also opt to do some simple yoga to avoid mental stress.
  • Avoid overeating while breaking fast: At the time of breaking the fast, don’t full your plate with heavy meals like oily fatty foods, milk products and spicy recipes. Eat in a limited amount to keep away from indigestion and weight gain.

Now, with these practices your fast will go easy without any health and mental issue to perform all the rituals with enthusiasm and devotion. You can make the day more energetic by eating some carbohydrate rich dishes which will not hinder the fast and keep you energised all the time. Few healthy options are listed below with their

Nutritional values and health benefits:

  • Fruit salad: Fruit salad has proven to revitalize the fasting day, so embrace it with variety of fruits like apples, plums, pears, peaches and raspberries. All the fruits available in season are full of nutrients and are healthfully energy dense that will give you the required nutrients and energy to spend a healthy fasting day. Nutritional values of this salad comprises Vitamin A, Vitamin B and also have some trace nutrients like phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese. The salad is laden with numerous health benefits like reduced macular degeneration, improves heart health, prevents aging, and relieves digestion.
  • Fasting recipes: Delight yourself with light and tasty fasting recipe such as kuttu ki roti with aloo ki sabzi, sama ki khichdi, sabudana khichdi and sweet potato sabzi. Nutritional value of all these recipes includes carbohydrate and few milligrams of calcium. Sweet potato is especially loaded with four times of daily requirements of Vitamin A. Carbohydrate fulfils your energy requirements and Vitamin A improves the vision.
  • Homemade Fast Chips: Apart from fruits and fasting recipes you can have homemade banana and potato chips. There are other options as well which you can make at your place like suran chips and roasted makhana with dry fruits. From nutrition point of view all these are energy dense and dry fruits are loaded with macronutrients like protein and carbohydrate except fat and as always, they have some microelements also such as sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. These ingredients are beneficial in reducing cholesterol and diabetes.

Over to you

Have a great Janmashtami this time! Remember these points at the time of fast, as it will help you to enjoy your day in a healthy way. Share the same with your friends and family as well, to stay fit and healthy even at the time of fasting.


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