Is pre-wedding detox worthy or just hype?

By      03-Nov 2019       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Is pre-wedding detox worthy or just hype?

Do you feel the excess pressure and almost bullied when social media is bombarded with fancy wedding pictures and hashtags showing off their hard work with diet and makeup. From a daily workout plan to strict diet plan and from beauty to hair treatments, a bride-to-be does all of it just to look like a diva on the biggest day of her life.

An important milestone like wedding is a good way to start eating healthy but succumbing yourself to the point where being a bride, you are more stressed about the last night’s cheese loaded pizza or the tons of mithai and ladoos you’ve been made to eat during your wedding functions, then it is not justified. Being a bride, fancy dinner dates with your would-be or even regular lunch with your in-laws and parties with your girlfriends is an everyday task.

The constant thought that goes in every bride’s mind is how to flaunt a perfect body and flawless skin on the big day. The bride should not be under any kind of pressure to change her body shape for anyone else but themselves. Don’t starve yourself, keep those stomach rumbles at bay and you can snack on as many as raw fruit and veggies as you like.

Why is it not healthy to go for a pre-wedding detox?

A pre wedding detox will be a kind of short term detox which is not likely to change your body shape or your overall health, and even if it does, it will not be long lasting. All food is good and eating fresh is the perfect way to follow.
The beauty treatments and diet may give your skin the ultimate radiance you’re looking for but most brides tend to miss the most vital thing during her wedding days- good sleep and good nutrition. Your health is inevitably affected during the wedding days. To witness the most glamorous moment of your life, you should be healthy and your face should naturally glow of happiness.

Celebrities and television stars who show off about the strict routine and diet which they have might suit them and they are able to manage it better but the reality is that no matter how much external beauty treatment you undergo, it cannot be replaced with healthy skin’s natural glow that a bride-to-be gets on her face when is happy and healthy from within.


Brides are thoughtlessly doing “whatever it takes” to look perfect for their big day-regardless of the consequences. It should not be called as detox diet but more of “the wedding dress diet” because brides these days are engaging into months of strict dieting and starving themselves to get skinny to fit into their pricelessly expensive wedding attires. The months leading up to your wedding can be happy, sad, chaotic and full of mixed emotions and so you are supposed to be jovially healthy to enjoy the most magnificently spectacular time of your life.

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