Invoking Farmers Within

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Invoking Farmers Within

National Farmer’s Day is memorialized on every 23rd December acknowledging the primary rights and privilege of farmer’s position in the nation’s socio-economic development and motivating them to produce more. Celebrating this gallant occasion with such a great enthusiasm and interest not just motivate farmers to produce more but also honours them for what they have been doing for the entire country since ages.

The Ministry of food and agriculture notes farmer’s pride with interest shown by the association they provide to farmers via ensuring the availability of inputs for production, credits or processing of produce in order to reduce post-harvest loss occurred every year.

Role To Practice This Farmer’s Day

This farmer’s day we are here to promote our inner farmers! By invoking a hidden farmer within us, we will be taking organic farming into the frame. Organic farming focuses on produce cultivated using natural substances while avoiding all the artificial chemicals, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms.

Organic agriculture is a response towards spreading awareness related to health of the land which is directly allied to the future health of consumers. It’s a holistic approach for agricultural sector, having goals to protect and conserve the land for upcoming generations. Hence, approaching organic farming is the best way of producing high-quality food in return to conserving several traditional agricultural methods and harmonious balance in the ecosystem.

The Organic Production

Cultivating our home ground to organic farming will serve all that we lack to enjoy from non-organic produces available in supermarkets. Let’s see what organic farming has to offer!

Nutritional Composition: Number of studies has found organic foods to be on the higher levels of nutrients than non-organic foods. Nutrients such as antioxidants and certain micronutrients like zinc, iron and vitamin C. In fact, antioxidant levels in organic foods can be up to sixty-nine per cent higher in comparison of conventionally grown foods.

Have Their Own Antioxidants: As organic farming doesn’t rely on chemicals and pesticides to protect crops, they produce more of their own protective compounds, namely antioxidants. Therefore, replacing conventionally grown fruits, vegetables and cereals with organic production provide extra antioxidants to our diet. It’s comparable to eating two extra portions of fruits and vegetables on daily basis.

Less In Chemicals And Resistant Bacteria: Opting for organically grown foods (organic farming) may reduce our exposure to pesticide residues, toxins and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. However, levels of toxins in regular produce are usually below the safety limits but organic production has even lesser levels of chemicals than regular produce.

Organic Dairy: Organic dairy products may hold higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and slightly higher content of vitamin E, iron and few carotenoids. Studies reveal, higher consumption of omega-3 fatty acids has been linked to numerous health benefits including reduced heart risks.


Over to you

Let’s practice home farming and celebrate this farmer’s day in our own way. Who knows, promoting organic farming in this manner may inspire our upcoming generation and farmers across the country! Happy Organic Framing!!!

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