Imparting Nutritional Knowledge to Women

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Imparting Nutritional Knowledge to Women

Nutrition knowledge majorly refers to knowledge of concepts and processes related to nutrition and health which includes knowledge of healthy diet, disease-specific diets, dietary sources of essential nutrients, important nutrients as per stages of life. Lack of nutrition knowledge, and less consideration of health as a priority while making food choices, can lead to nutritional deficiencies amongst the family.

A woman is like the ‘roots’ of a tree. Roots are the foundation upon which a tree is dependent, if this foundation is strong then the tree is also healthy, green and flowering but if these foundations are weak then the tree eventually is going to be unhealthy and would not last for long. Similarly if the women are knowledgeable regarding nutrition then she will serve her family with a healthy diet and inculcate good dietary habits within the family which will help them to outshine and stay healthy and on contrary if the women lack nutrition knowledge then she might be serving her family with anything regardless of the health effects it may have it can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

A woman can also impart the right knowledge on what foods to choose, which combinations to cook together, and what ways to enhance the nutritional components of food, so that not only that woman herself, but also her family members can bring out their inner chef and cook wholesome healthy meals.

Thus, it is essential to promote an awareness of the nutrients contained in foods in relation to their roles in body maintenance, growth, reproduction, preventing nutrition-related diseases. So if a mother, a wife, a daughter is aware of what is good and what is bad for her family then she would be able to provide her family with all the nourishment and essential nutrients required as per the age of all members.

Some tips that can be followed by woman of the house are:

  • Proper combinations should be kept in mind and used while making food. Like for better absorption of iron, one must have vitamin c along with it thus food sources should be included, and it is essential to avoid consumption of tea or coffee along with the main course as it hinders with the nutrient absorption. So, you can always combine spinach or fenugreek with some lemon to extract the maximum iron.
  • Consumption of seasonal vegetables should be promoted as they are affordable, fresh and healthy to be consumed during that specific season.
  • Cooking methods such as frying should be avoided instead methods like steaming, baking, stewing or roasting should be used.
  • Utensils like cast iron dishes could be used within which one can get direct availability of iron into the food which is being cooked into them.
  • Vegetables should be cooked in less of oil. Moreover, a blend of oils should be used. You may choose oils like mustard, groundnut, flaxseed, soybean, canola, coconut and olive oil.
    When cooking rice or any similar dish, lots of vegetables should be added into it, just to provide with that extra bunch of fiber.
  • Fresh vegetable juices should be promoted instead of carbonated drinks or processed fruit juices.
  • Meal timings are as important as meal preparations. Make sure your family is consistent with their meal timings
  • And lastly, it is wisely said that “a family that eats together, stays together.” You can ensure that your family is having at least one of the meals together, and focus on keeping the usage of television or mobile phones to the minimum and let your family focus on mindful eating.


Over to you:

These are some handy and useful tips which a woman can instill for themselves and their families and promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits amongst all members of the family.


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