How to stay hydrated during fasting?

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How to stay hydrated during fasting?

Staying healthy is very important during fasting and maintaining fluid levels plays an important role in keeping the body healthy.

Since during Navratri people typically go long without any meal and liquid, it may cause dehydration. But not to worry!

We can get rid of dehydration by incorporating a few drinks that can be consumed during fasting. The following list gives you plenty of options, have a look!

Drink plenty of water

Water maintains the electrolyte balance within the body. Water is the universal solvent so, it is crucial for the absorption of various nutrients in the body as water provides a suitable platform for various chemical reactions.

It is mandatory to drink plenty of water during fasting especially, in summers because, at this time, there is a great secretion of sweat that may lead to a lack of fluid in the body. As per RDA, an adult female should consume 2.7 litres of water per day but during fasting, the amount must increases.

Drinking plenty of water can protect us from various problems like lethargy, fatigue, headache and pain.

Herbal teas are bliss to the tongue and they keep the hunger at bay while fasting. However, it also has some detoxifying and medicinal benefits. Let’s have a look at some herbal tea options!

Chamomile is known to flower which is dried and then infused into hot water to calm an upset stomach, reduces menstrual pain, prevents osteoporosis and helps in sleep.

Peppermint is a popular herb known for its cooling sensation (especially in summers) that also improves digestion, reduces inflammation, colour-blindness and muscle pain.

Jasmine leaves’ extract strengthens the immune system, inhibits diabetes and reduces cholesterol.

Basil (tulsi) is pondered as a healthiest herb in the world. It is packed with polyphenols, which stimulates heart and brain health.

Black tea is enriched with compounds that benefit heart, digestion and stress levels.

These herbal teas should be made at home without sugar to get the most out of them and to observe the benefits in the body.


The scrumptious curd-based drink known as chaas, has come to be called as buttermilk. It is widely taken at the time of fast. It is traditionally made by stirring out the butter from milk or even curd (Lord Krishna’s love for churned butter). With various micronutrients like calcium and vitamin A, buttermilk helps to balance one’s body temperature in the scorching sun.

Coconut water

Coconut water has now become a trendy beverage in India especially at the time of fasting. It is tasty, revitalising and also happens to be good for instant energy. Coconut water is a good source of fibre and vitamin C which are required for proper metabolism of the body. Research has evidenced that coconut water can reduce high blood sugar levels.

Cucumber, bottle gourd (lauki) and pumpkin juice

These vegetables can be taken in fast and have a high content of water. Be precautious while having the juice of cucumber, bottle gourd (lauki) and pumpkin juice that it should be home-made and unsweetened. Cucumber can be taken raw with its pulp. Taking either of juice will keep you energized and refresh for long.

Over to you

Have a healthy fast experience with some hydrating tips and enjoy the festival with ease. May your festival bring prosperity, happiness and health to you and your family!


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