How to Break Smoking Addiction with Food

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How to Break Smoking Addiction with Food

Smoking is injurious to Health. We all are well aware of this quote but how many of us actually abide by this saying??

Despite knowing that smoking gives nothing but is only taking us towards the doom, we continue doing it.

We all have an idea about the harmful effects that smoking do cause but we never try to sit back and think that it’s actually a silent killer, it will slowly and gradually take our life away from us. Almost 50% of the people worldwide have a habit of smoking and 30% amongst these people are the chain smokers who doesn’t even have the clue of how many cigarettes do they finish in a little time span. We know that smoking do harm our lungs but is it the only health implication that it cause?

Smoking affects your heart, your circulatory system and the nicotine that is present in these cigarettes has a direct impact on the amount of oxygen that has been supplied to the cells by the body. It makes your cells deprived of the oxygen that is essential to them for a healthy functioning leaving them suffocated and on the verge of death. Almost 40 % of the smokers die out of strokes or sudden cardiac arrest as they do not understand the amount of damage they are causing to the veins, arteries and the entire body.

But the increasing awareness about this impending silent killer has resulted in generating greater concern among the people about their life and health.

Many of us try to quit smoking and break the addiction but are not able to succeed. Diet also play a role in making you quit smoking. Although there is no specific food item that work as a magic wand, but your dietary habits and some foods can quench your cigarette cravings. So let’s have a quick view on the foods and the eating habits that could aid in keeping yourself away from cigarette packs and kicking the habit off forever.

Get a dose of Vitamin C

Smoking Interferes with the absorption of multi nutrients including essential
vitamins and minerals and especially Vitamin C which provides you with immunity as well as act as an antioxidant. It has been estimated that 1 cigarette drains out 25 mg of Vit C from your body. So, have more of citrus fruits and vegetables such as oranges, amla, sweet lemon, berries, and green leafy vegetables to replenish the losses that your body has encountered.

Count on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in the form of salads ,Sautee vegetables gives you fiber which gives you satiety thereby keeping you away from severe health issues such as Diabetes, Cardiac problem, obesity etc.
Apart from this these fresh veggie bites and whole fruits even reduce your cigarette cravings to a greater extent. So, whenever you step up to grab a cigarette, go and grab some fresh veggies and fruits rather.
Tip-Cut down your favorite fruits and vegetables into sticks like sliced carrots, cucumbers, celery and have it whenever you crave for smoking.

Try Herbal Drinks

Several traditional herbs are considered to act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory for your body. Ginseng is one herb which is believed to reduce the nicotine addiction as it plays around with the neurotransmitters that gives pleasure when you smoke. So, adding this herb to your teas or drinks can help you reduce your cravings for cigarettes.

Cut down your Caffeine intake

Caffeine make you crave for cigarettes even more. Each time you hit to a cup of coffee, you will end up landing on a cigarette as it increase your cravings. Instead of having a cup of coffee, have lemon water, buttermilk, plain water which will give you nutrients and relieve your cravings as well.

Drink plenty of water

Smoking takes away all the water from your body and leaves it dehydrated. Also, when you have addiction for smoking, sipping sips of water in short intervals helps you to break that addiction thereby satisfying those oral fixations for smoking. It will also flush out toxins from your body which have got accumulated because of prolonged exposure to smoking and will also help in maintaining weight.

Try to munch on cardamoms and sugar free chewing gums

When you are a chain smoker , you any how need something in your mouth that can relieve your cravings. It is better to keep cardamom bites (elaichi) or sugar free chewing gums which you can keep for hours and get rid of this addiction.

Have small and Frequent meals

By Consuming small and frequent meals, you do not feel hungry and also you don’t urge for smoking packets of cigarettes. According to the researchers, the more you feel hungry, the more you crave for smoking. So eat less but frequent meals.

Over to you:

Hence by inculcating these tips in your lifestyle and diet pattern you can bring a change in you as there is a need to break smoking addiction and not to risk your own life because of it.


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