Host like a nurturer

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Host like a nurturer

As you prepare to host a party or any individual guest on the occasion like Diwali, it is important to serve nutritious rather to serve only an empty calorie dish. In this health conscious era, it becomes a challenge to serve nutrition as well as scrumptious food to our guests which are comparable to god. Diwali is itself associated with various foods and sweets (mithai). At this time, the chance of over-eating increases at a larger extent. Let’s try to nurture our guests by preparing Diwali foods with some healthy replacements.

Diwali week doesn’t come daily! It comes with a lot of happiness, joy, enthusiasm and unity. It is the time when we distribute sweets to our relatives and friends. When it is about our guests we serve our best to them. Courses for guests starting with welcome dish followed by main-course with salad and then, dessert! Here are few best food nurturer options that you can prepare for this Diwali menu.

Starters should be focused, so we suggest that you go for something unusual. The welcome dish which is also known as starter dish should be attractive, colourful, mouth-watering and should be the decisive dish to break the ice among acquaintances specially. Diwali dishes that fulfil this criterion are paneer shashlik, cheese balls, vegetable baked pakora and Oats Dhokla. These dishes are loaded with all essential macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients.

Main-course should be nutritious, well-plated and pleasing to taste buds. The main ingredients of the main-course are vegetable and chapatti or rice with salad. Some appetising alternatives for main-course are specified here.

  • Palak mirch kadhi with chapatti
  • Bagara baingan with chapatti
  • Pashtooni zarda pulao
  • Spinach-corn curry with chapati.
  • Lobia masala with spinach chapati
  • Salads – whole food quinoa salad, cobb salad and caprese avocado salad

The main-course has to be full of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. So the turn comes up with dessert.

Like multi-coloured rangolis that decorate the entrances of our homes, there is nothing like a dessert table adorned with a variety of Diwali sweets. Desserts are recipes for which everybody excuses to binge and add extra eagerness to the festive spirit of Diwali. We have brought you the simplest Diwali recipes from across the country. Here are some- gaon nevri, kaju-katli, rava- kheer, chocolate gujiya, badaam halwa and barfis, shahi tukda and mohanthal.

Over to you

We always wait eagerly for Diwali and when it comes we just start fulfiling our craving and load ourselves with the number of eatables from which we become ill after the week or suffers from indigestion. So, add the natural nurturer food options to the menu and enjoy a nutritious Diwali!

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