Halloween Munchies: Tricks or Treats?

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Halloween Munchies: Tricks or Treats?

When it comes to being healthy with the fun of Halloween, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably extremely sad, sugar-free chocolates that taste like chalk or eating carrot sticks in the interesting costume party with the jealousy because everyone goes ham on the pumpkin cheesecake.

When it comes to Halloween treats all the things listed above doesn’t exactly scream fun. Agreed? And if you’re trying not to totally blow your goals on the spookiest night of the year (and probably sick of those boring healthy candies), try these Halloween healthy munchies that gives you the treats with the plus point of healthiness. Prepare your halloween themed dinner menu which includes halloween main dishes, halloween party appetizer and, halloween finger foods.

  • Bite sized eyeballs: Here is something for your healthy and spooky Halloween. This funny Halloween recipe makes your day even spookier with the eyeballs. It is nothing, but just cleverly-decorated cheese puffs with low-calories- too yummy with the goodness of health. If you count the calories of the eyeball it is just 57 calories with 4.5 gram fat (2.5 gram saturated fat), 77 mg sodium, 3 gram carbs and 2 gram protein. All you have to do is just whip up the pastry puffs and then make each pair decorated with slices of cucumber and olive, and it’s ready.
  • Little monster desert: With chocolate cookies and pumpkin mascarpone cream topped with big marshmallow eyes, this recipe is considered as the sweet Halloween treat for kids are sure. They will definitely be delighted with the cute marshmallow eyes. Not only are these a blast to make but it will also be the hit for the festive vibes for all ages of people. Just place the pumpkin puree in a small vodka shot glass and then place crumbs of cookies over it and repeat the pumpkin puree with the topping of marshmallow eyes and this easy spooky night sweetener is sure to satisfy!
  • Halloween stuffed peppers: This recipe is perfect for your Halloween night. The pumpkin-shaped Halloween stuffed peppers will definitely become the centre of fascination for your guests with the benefit of fiber-rich quinoa, and healthy zucchini. It’s very beneficial and you will get 390 calories, with the 20 grams of fat, 46 gram of carbs, 6 grams fiber and 18 gram of protein in one serving.
  • Halloween temari sushi: Yes! Sushis are captivating! It can totally go with your Halloween festive vibes- all thanks to salmon’s orange hue and seaweed’s black crispy texture. No matter what the type or colour of fish you have, you can create Halloween faces for a spooky (but actually really cute) sashimi topper on these sushi rice balls and you will get benefits of 115 calories that includes 1 gram fat, 20 gram carbs, 1 gram sugar, 179 mg sodium and 3 gram of protein.
  • French bread mummy pizzas: French bread pizzas now upgraded its version in this funny recipe form. With only four ingredients, it’s a great last-minute party snack or dinner and get ready in just 15 minutes. Even the kiddos actually love this one, because of its quirkiness and healthiness. Just preheat the oven to 200 degree Celsius. Cut the bread in half lengthwise and half crosswise in 2 pieces to make it 4 pieces. Slice the cheese into strips. Place the bread on a baking sheet. Spread marinara sauce on each piece. Place olives to make eyes. Place the low fat cheese strips over the sauce randomly. Bake it about 8 minutes and it’s ready.

Over to you

Use these tricks to make your Halloween night more spooky and healthy. These recipes make your sneaky night more frightfully-fun & healthy. Happy Halloween!

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