Greet Your Body With Great Resolutions!

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Greet Your Body With Great Resolutions!

Winter is full-fledged outside welcoming New Year. Another new beginning towards self-care! So, what’s your plan to greet your body with self-care resolutions from the start? If not decided yet, we are here with a few realistic health and self-care resolutions which you can easily follow throughout the year and lifelong.

But have you ever wondered why you should plan for realistic resolutions? Once the New Year’s Eve fades away, an excitement to follow resolutions too gets side lined and moves back on the shelf which is hard to make that pledge stick later on. Within a week after entering in New Year, just seventy-seven per cent of resolution makers remain on the track and after six months, about forty per cent of resolution makers stay on track. So, instead of going for unrealistic health goals which are hard to follow, let’s try and vow for some easy to follow resolutions having noticeable effects on health.

Resolutions To Begin With

  • Time To Reboot Your Diet: Eating habits can be repetitive at times which only leads to unhealthy weight gain. Junk, fried and processed foods are on the top list of mindless and repetitious eating habits. However, by stepping with small and positive decisions, you can move closer to your good health. Rebooting your diet is the best way to achieve the same. Start your day with protein, carbs, healthy fats and fibre-rich diet for a filling breakfast to sustain throughout the day.
  • Re-energizing Mindfully: Make the right choice to your evening snacks. Re-energizing mindfully is all about slowing down with snacking, choosing a healthy snack and tuning the sensations of eating continuously. Entering in mindful snacking can help you feel fulfilled and nourished in between your meetings with a cup of tea. Therefore, it’s important to identify what snack is healthy and what is unhealthy. Go for poha, iddli or sprouts to get re-energized healthfully.
  • Find A Work Out Buddy: You might not be in a regular workout or exercising practice. So, why not find a work out buddy with the beginning of this year and focus on maintaining your physical health? Practicing regular exercising for thirty minutes every day along with a well-balanced diet should be your main target to have a healthy year ahead.
  • Get An Appointment Fixed With Nutritionist: Now-a-days internet is becoming a new health consultant and people around are blindly following it. But are those random diets really the one benefiting you. Well, such random internet diets might not benefit you as those diets are not planned according to your health condition, lifestyle and food preferences. Instead of doing any good to you these diets can deviate your weight and might put you in situations like acute kidney injury. So, it’s important to get an appointment fixed with a nutritionist for a proper diet plan.


Over to you

There are multiple realistic health goals to challenge yourself by practicing yoga, joining gym and planning a healthful diet. Find your motivation and greet your body with self-care resolutions from the start. So, whether your goal is to lose weight or lower cholesterol levels you have to make an initiative for a healthier life ahead.

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