Four Spring Cleaning Ideas for Kids the Nutritional Way

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Four Spring Cleaning Ideas for Kids the Nutritional Way

Spring cleaning is a time when all of us indulge into in-depth cleaning of our houses, our surroundings in other words it is a time when we plan to freshen up our homes and welcome spring and summers. But why only cleaning your houses and surroundings, why not indulge into spring cleaning of your body as well as your child’s body. As this cleanup helps to flush out the heavy food items that were eaten in previous winter season. Since children are most vulnerable to get catch of environmental toxins which are said to have detrimental effects on your child’s health. So this cleaning or detox will help your child to be free from infections by building immunity, new healthy habits can be inculcated and the old ones could be gradually reduced to nil.

Benefits of Nutritional spring cleaning for children –

  • It provides children with a mind and body reset which can actually reset the taste buds of children and promote cravings within them. During which new healthy food items could be introduced to them.
  • Keep your children away from certain harmful food items as sometimes you don’t realize that a certain food product is causing harm until you eliminate it from your diet.
  • Also it helps children to discover food that they might love.

To follow spring cleaning for your children you must look for a specific period of time when you have most control over what your children is eating like during vacations as eliminating few things from diet and introducing new food items is main moto of this cleaning process. And moreover body takes minimum 3 weeks to adjust to new changes that have been made in dietary pattern.

4 Ideas for spring cleaning –

1. Eliminate – First idea is to eliminate few food items from your child’s daily menu. Children tend to eat lot of junk that satisfy their taste buds and also many amongst them are sometimes rewarded with items like milk chocolates, candies. All these food items have harmful effects on your child’s health thus it is better to eliminate few amongst them from your child’s diet during initial time only , so that your children adapt that healthy change thought his/her lifespan.

  • Few of the things that you should eliminate from your child’s diet are excess of sugar intake, Intake of processed food items, Aerated drinks, artificial flavors and colors and junk food.


2. Incorporate – Second idea for cleansing is to incorporate specific healthy food items in your child’s diet like :
Probiotic and Prebiotic sources like curd, fermented food products help to improve gut health of your children by helping the gut friendly micro biota to grow.

  • Fiber enriched fruits and vegetables like green leafy vegetables, fruits along with peels, seeds like flax seeds, chia seeds help in proper digestion of food thereby keeping your children’s digestive track healthy.
  • Different colored fruits and vegetables to get the dose of all the essential vitamins and minerals.


3. Replace – Third idea is to replace the eliminated items with healthier option, so that children don’t miss or feel deprived of any food item within their diet. Since it is very difficult to eliminate something all of a sudden but it is easy to provide your children with an alternative.

  • Whenever your child craves for something sweet give him a fruit or a fruit smoothie, 2-3 piece of dark chocolate or you can make some healthy dessert at home by using jaggery instead of sugar in it.
  • Your child wants something to drink, so provide him with freshly made lemon water or buttermilk or jaljeera or a fruit smoothie instead of easily available aerated drinks.
  • Every child loves to eat junk, so why not make this junk healthy and fresh at home for your children.


4. Hide and play- Forth idea is very suitable for the picky eaters who feel grasp some of their favorites and tend to leave behind the vegetable they don’t like. So an intelligent trick to hide specific ingredients within the food that a child likes.

  • You can knead the dough along with green vegetables like spinach and serve your child with green colored chapattis.
  • You can blend 3-4 different kinds of fruits within a smoothie.


Over to you:
Spring cleaning is a time to detox your and your children’s body and become ready for upcoming season. If you inculcate these healthy habits in your children at initial time only then these become their habits for lifelong. So try these simple tips and tricks to cleanse your child’s body thought.



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