Five Tips to Sustain Navratri Natural Cleanse

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Five Tips to Sustain Navratri Natural Cleanse

In the midst of celebrating the navratri festivities by pleasing and offering prayers to the goddesses, you tend to cast a very efficacious influence on your health. For the 9 long days of, people exhibit their devotion in various ways, and mostly, by fasting on those days. During that span, you eat light, salt-free and only selective food which works wonders on your health.

The diet you consume during navratri is one of the most organic one, it helps you cleanse your body. Fasting and light-eating is quite worthwhile! Not only it maintains cholesterol level, blood pressure, eases digestion and energizes you but also helps you flush toxins out of your body. Cleansing and detoxification eases metabolism and boosts immunity. Cleansing is very beneficial for the physical and mental health. And the natural cleanse helps you embark your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some tips to follow post detox to sustain the navratri natural cleanse!


  • Ample Hydration:The importance of sufficient and proper hydration cannot be undermined. Water helps to flush the toxins out of your body and heighten energy levels. This also stimulates your immunity and improves efficiency. When you hydrate well, you purge toxins and impurities from the body which enhances your metabolic processes and aids in digestion. This not only helps with weight loss but also the maintenance. It is the healthiest habit to inculcate to sustain your cleanse.
  • Bounties of fresh fruits:

    Fruits are richly packed with minerals and vitamins. Refreshing and hydrating fruits satiate you well. They add the extra dose of nutrients to your diet which eases digestion, enhances the gut boost the immunity. They are very healthy and vitalizing as they flush the antigens out of the body, therefore, resulting in weight loss. Fruits make your diet balanced and consuming them in adequate amounts help you retain the weight-loss without any supplementary efforts. So stick to fruits even when you are not fasting.
  • Meditate:

    Meditation is not confined to just the mental detox but also carries multiple benefits for the physical body as well. It has a very healing and nurturing impact on your body. It strengthens your immunity, concentration levels and resilience. When you meditate you detox naturally, it cleanses and calms you from within. Meditation tunes your body well and provides you with abundant energy and vigour. Even on eating a portion amount your energy levels remain intact. Hence, natural cleansing and meditation go hand in hand.
  • Adhere to elimination:

    While you are fasting, you stick to a very limited food items. You consume simpler food over the fried or processed foods which are easily assimilated and enhance the metabolisms. This swab away antigens from your body and helps lose weight. Stick to the selective munching and portion diet. Avoid the processed foods as they are a hub of additives and abundant calories. Consume organic foods or whole foods for better results and healthier body balance.
  • Refrain from overeating:

    During the fasts, you relatively consume less and eat only very selected items. This combats over-indulgence into foods. It promotes your health and appends stability to your healthy lifestyle. Also the digestive tracts function more efficiently, flushing the toxins out and maintaining a healthy weight. Hence, for the overall wellness it is advisable to eat only a stipulated amount of food and curb your temptations towards excessive eating.

Over to you

Natural cleanse is the best way to be in a good trim as it promotes healthy living and a thriving vitality. So, keep the results intact by clinging on the above suggestions.



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