Five Snacks to Eat during the Match

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Five Snacks to Eat during the Match

Cricket matches are a combination of heady excitement and enjoyment. Be it the test matches, the one-day matches, the T-20s or the IPL match, cricket is the favorite game of all Indians. The day of the match is a day when all the households are gripped in the fervor of the excitements of the day.

The match becomes a lot better and exciting when it is accompanied by tasty snacks that are great to crunch on while the overs go by and the anticipation for the result of the match builds on. The Indian Premier league or most commonly known as the IPL is back. With the whole country glued to the Indian Premier League, we thought of putting together some exciting snacks you can enjoy during the cricket match.

If you have some healthy and nutritious options to grab on during the match, it will help you avoid unhealthy and fattening alternatives. Enjoy your cricket match on a full stomach. 

  • Mixed millet bhel puri: -If you want to enjoy the nail-biting moments of the match and also keep a watch on the calories, grab on this low-fat bhel puri with the goodness of millets and ragi which is high on health and taste both. This is a very healthy snack made with the addition of puffed rice, mixed millets, peanuts, sautéed veggies and a blend of spices. It is also gives you a feeling of satiety. The crispiness of peanuts is a great add on to the dish as it complements the flavor and texture of the bhel puri. Make a batch of the bhel puri and keep it handy to munch on to fulfill your hunger pangs during the match. You can also enjoy it with a dash of lemon juice.
  • Kathi Roll: -If you want to dig into and eat something that is satisfying and filing to the stomach, Kathi roll is the answer to your question. With fillings like beetroot tikka or paneer tikka for vegetarians and chicken or mutton for non-vegetarians, Kathi roll is a famous dish from North India. Munch on these Kathi rolls while you anticipate the victory of the team you are rooting for.
  • Til-E-Paneer cutlets: -Try this paneer recipe with a sesame twist. The good thing? It’s baked, so you don’t have to worry about the calories. Deliciously made from a mixture of paneer, carrots, and peas, and joined with a slice of whole wheat or multi-grain bread, cutlets work well with mint chutney. Cutlets can be made from other fillings like chicken. The amalgamation of spices with roasted paneer and veggies in the form of cutlets brings out the flavors of the dish which makes it excellent as munchies for the tense overs of the match.
  • Rice appe: – It is a lip-smacking snack which goes well with tea or can be served with breakfast. It is made by a fermented batter of rice and urad dal in a mold, although they are crisp outside but are soft and spongy inside. A great blend of spices along with mustard and cumin seeds gives an amazing taste and mouth-feel. Once prepared can be packed and taken to grab on while you watch the match with zeal while reviving your hunger.
  • Chia Seed Pudding: – chia seeds are loaded with fiber and also very high in antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and improve heart health. They take on a jelly like consistency when soaked in liquid but don’t have much flavour. Chia seed pudding is one great example and makes a satisfying snack at less than 200 calories giving the energy for the excitement required during the matches.

Over to you: – Providing snacks that fuel up, not bog down the body is a way to get energy for cheering your favorite team. So, instead of grabbing on and reaching for candy, stop to consider these suggestions for snacking. So, enjoy the match!


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