Five Signs You Are Not Eating Enough

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Five Signs You Are Not Eating Enough

If you wonder that inadequate nutrition and food intake can be the cause of health problems, then yes, it’s true! Under-eating or less eating is the root cause to several health issues and the same we will be discussing about, today in this blog.

Attaining and preserving a healthy weight can be tough to stick on, especially when you are hard core part of modern society wherein the junk and process food is constantly at priority. At the same note, less eating or not eating enough can be the real concern to health. Moreover, less eating on everyday basis can lead to leave you in state of physical, mental and emotional health concerns. Following are the five signs that you are not eating enough. So that, you can take the preventive steps accordingly!

  • Getting Ill often: As discussed above, eating less is directly related to imbalanced diet resulting in immune system failure which limits your body to fight off illnesses. Illnesses, varying from common cold, fever (viral) and cough can affect your body and can last long for days and so. Hence, maintaining your daily nutritional and food intake is chiefly vital to keep your immune system strong as it’s significantly important for proper functioning of the immune system.
  • You Can Be Constipated: You might be shocked to know but less eating can cause constipation. The reason is, feces is made from waste and it requires digestion of food, so that the stool don’t have much bulk to it. Less eating is the least obvious reason, but at the same time it’s the most likely reason that can lead to constipation (due to the under effects of nutrition).
  • Depression: Recent studies and evidence suggests that less eating is directly linked to poor nutrition intake and developing depression. In some study, researchers have found the intermediate symptoms of depression which has been linked to lower intake of omega-3 fatty acids specifically. In another study, the scientists found that people with depression also had lower levels of vitamin-D in their diet.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue is amongst the foremost sign that you are not eating enough. Understanding the point that the body gets energy from calories derived from whole food and drinks, it becomes important to add certain amount of energy in your daily meals to aid the body function properly. Energy in form of food is needed to maintain a healthy well-being depending upon variety of factors like body metabolism, size, and physical activities.
  • Constant Hunger: Felling hungry constantly is the most obvious sign of less eating. Several studies have confirmed that people who witness increased appetite and more food cravings, it is in response to severe energy restriction. Hence, it’s crucial to avoid so by regular intake of nutrition and food.

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People who do not eat enough intentionally or unintentionally, both can witness the listed signs. Hence, it advised to take a step on time and participate in regular eating. It is also suggested to stay away from diets running in trend in order to avoid less eating.


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