Five Monsoon Gut Health Tips: Foods To Add In Your Diet!

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Five Monsoon Gut Health Tips: Foods To Add In Your Diet!

Monsoon is a time when our enjoyment soars high, rainfall is a magical relief from the scorching heat, altogether rains are a feast for our sense and visual treat to encounter waving lush green trees and that enchanted sound of pitter–patter but what goes unnoticed is, rainfall is accompanied by tones of bacteria which takes a toll on our health and leads to many infections leading to sore throats, food poisoning, dengue and malaria.

Monsoons can be defined by stagnant water, humidity, temperature fluctuations which can create a harbour for disease- causing infectious organisms. Our digestive system; a crucial part of our immune system, becomes feeble leading to low metabolism which, in turn leads to bloating, digestive agony, constipation and food poisoning.

Don’t you worry because we have some easy tips to your rescue so that you can enjoy monsoon without any hindrance.

  • Eat in moderation, focussing more on lighter foods, which can be easily digested such as fruits and veggies and less of oily and spicy food.
  • Drink ample amount of water to give a boost to your digestive system and to flush out toxins.
  • Make foods rich in probiotics your best friend this season by including plain yogurt, buttermilk, cultured vegetables, natto (fermented soybeans) in your diet. Probiotics contain good bacteria which aid in better absorption of nutrients which leads to a better digestion process.
  • Have steamed or boiled veggies instead of raw ones in order to prevent gut issues as it may contain bacteria and virus leading to various stomach infections.
  • Go for fresh foods at home and invest in homemade fresh smoothies rather than opting for the packed ones or from local vendors. Also, avoid full fat dairy products as they are heavy on gut and take more time in digestion.

Foods to Say Hello Every Monsoon Season

  • Ginger: With rain the first thing that comes to mind is tea! So, do some good to yourself by making a ginger tea by grating some ginger in a cup of warm water and squeeze in a lemon with a teaspoon of honey to verve up your mood. Adding ginger to the diet reduces the growth of infectious bacteria in your gut supporting the digestion of food and nutrients and uplifts the absorption and assimilation.
  • Almonds: The brown skinned wonder nuts- almonds are the great source of protein. Eating almonds daily may aid in improving your digestive health by increasing the levels of good gut bacteria. As per studies, the high content of vitamin-E in almonds is believed to raise the good bacteria in your gut. Having finely grounded almonds may extensively increase the levels of beneficial gut bacteria.
  • Pears: The wholesome crunchiness of fresh seasonal pears offers the complimentary immunity potential to fight off the monsoon infections. Studies suggest, pears have the prebiotic fiber which aids in promoting your intestinal health by absorbing food for probiotic bacteria.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is a storehouse of nutrients along with having antibiotic and antiseptic properties and acts a great immunity boosting agent. Also, it keeps blood sugar levels under control. Few clinical trial results suggest that curcuminoids found in turmeric modulates the population of gut bacteria. Simply add 1 teaspoon of turmeric to warm milk with honey and safeguard yourself from monsoon illnesses.
  • Beetroot: Packaged with all essential vitamins and minerals along with fibre, folic acid and potassium. Beets are low in calories and an ideal veggie choice for detoxifying the body. Have a glass of home-made fresh juice regularly to keep monsoon woes away.

Over to you

Monsoon comes with natural shower and infections as well. During this time immunity goes low and digestion is affected adversely due to prevalent humidity. To avoid the gut irregularities, add the listed foods to your diet!



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