Five Foods to Eat This Spring

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Five Foods to Eat This Spring

Spring, the season filled with beautiful and vibrant colors around you has arrived. After the foggy winter, it is time to welcome refreshing dawns of this season where the cool wind blows and nature seems to be at full bloom. During Spring, the nature grows to its best in the form of flowers, plants, and trees. During this time, it is important to consume light and fresh food items in the form of fruits and vegetables. This will provide you with a rejuvenating feeling and keep you away from infections due to sudden weather change. Your body demands for a cleanup which can help in cleaning out the heavy food items eaten in the previous season. So, this spring season, count on seasonal foods that are easily available in your local markets.

Let’s know about certain food items which can nourish your body thereby making you feel fresh and reset your digestive and immune system.

  • Colorful Berries – With the arrival of the season of colors, different colored berries have also started flourishing in the market. Berries such as blueberries, strawberries blackberries, and raspberries are the best fruit that you can opt at this time. This is the only time when you get to enjoy the juicy and flavorful taste of these berries.
    Nutritional Value – They are rich in Vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant and further provides you with glowing skin and shiny hair.
    Add it to your diet – By either eating these as a whole fruit or by blending your smoothies with these colorful berries. You can also add it to cereal bowls that you have for breakfast.
  • Beets and Carrots- Beets and carrots are though available at any time but at this time you will find the freshest beets and juicy carrots. This is a perfect time to stock up your refrigerator with carrots and beetroots.
    Nutritional Value – Carrot is the richest source of Vitamin A and fiber. Its consumption is linked to improved vision and decreased cholesterol levels. Beetroot provides you with fiber, iron,potassium, folate and Vitamin C which is good for skin and further act as an antioxidant.
    Add it to your diet – By eating them raw in the form of salad to get ample fiber. You can also add them to your sandwiches or blend them to make a thick and juicy vegetable smoothie.
  • Spring Onions – Spring onions which are commonly known as a scallion or green onion not only taste good but also have multiple health benefits and available very easily at this time. It can be consumed in cooked or even in raw form. Both of its bulb and green leafy part is edible.
    Nutritional Value – Spring onions are quite beneficial for our health. Its high Sulphur and flavonoid content help to fight cancer and prevent the growth of cancerous cells. It also aids in maintaining blood glucose levels and improves digestion too. It also has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties which fight against certain infections such as cold, cough and flu.
    Add it to your diet– By adding them into salads, sandwiches to get good fiber in your diet. You can also sauté it with other vegetables and top it with seasonings and pepper.
  • Asparagus – Asparagus is found all around the year but the best time to get the thinnest, sweetest and most tender asparagus is springtime. It is a plant which comes under the delicacies of the vegetable world with a savory flavor that it provides.
    Nutritional Value – Asparagus is a fair source of Vitamin A and C which leads to improved vision and serve as an antioxidant. It is also rich in Vitamin K which plays a key role in blood clotting. It is also rich in Iron and Potassium.
    Add it to your diet– By making a salad using it, or you can simply sauté it with other vegetables, herbs, salt, and pepper along with garlic in minimum oil.
  • Mint– In the refreshing season of spring, let stock up fresh and green mint leaves which can give a soothing and calming effect to your body.
    Nutritional Value -Mint leaves are rich in Calcium, Vitamin C and Iron. It acts as an antioxidant thereby preventing your body from oxidative stress. It also improves digestion and prevents gastric issues.
    Add it to your diet – By adding them into beverages like slushes, teas to give yourself a relaxing and soothing effect.

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Spring is a season of colors. Just like this season, add colors to your diet as well by incorporating these varied food items including vegetables and fruits to get ample health and nutritional benefits.

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