Five Foods To Avoid Your Body From Getting Heated Up From Within

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Five Foods To Avoid Your Body From Getting Heated Up From Within

The stifling heat calls for better hydration and grub choices. What we eat impacts our metabolic processes and digestive health. Heating foods can severely elevate the amount of heat produced within the body. The summer diet should comprise of such foods that sedate your body and has a cooling effect. It is essential to avoid these foods which raise the body temperature as they can be quite detrimental for the overall health majorly causing burning sensation and severe digestive issues. So to keep you energized and stimulate your immunity be conscious of your selection of the edibles.

Here are some suggested foods to avoid in summers, in order to keep your body calm and stomach light.

Ginger: It is a very healthful spice with several medicinal benefits. However, excessive guzzling of ginger during summers can be quite deleterious. Ginger has warming properties and can heat your body up which entirely attack your digestive health causing bloating, burning sensation and gastric stimulation. It can also cause nausea, mouth irritation and heartburn too. It is therefore advisable to minimize this spice during high temperatures.

Dry fruits and nuts: These are innately very warm. Although they are a rich source of various nutrients, dry fruits and nuts should be consumed in lesser quantities especially during the summers. These are the heat producing foods and can increase the body heat. Dry fruits and nuts hamper the cooling effect. It can degrade your bowel health, cause bloating, diarrhea and affect your skin quality.

Grains like bajra, makki: These grains tend to digest at a slow speed. They increase heat in the body. Such grains can lead to obesity, mood swings, inflammation and irregular blood sugar balance. Although they are a rich source of fiber and other essential nutrients they can be quite harmful if consumed in larger quantities and deprive you body of the cooling effect. They can cause major digestive problems. Therefore, these grains should be avoided in summers.

Turnip: Although stacked with fiber, turnips can jeopardize your health during summers. They can ridiculously heat your body temperatures. They can also tamper the hormonal balance. Turnips have high amount of nitrates and can result in dehydration. They are very heating and don’t let your body cool down during summers. Turnips relatively minimize the sedation in the body.

Garlic: The flavorsome spice full of antioxidants and other nutrients, garlic has many medicinal properties. Boasting some healthful benefits, garlic is a hot food and produces excessive heat in the body. In summers, it is advisable to avoid garlic to maintain the cooling balance in the body.

Apart from that excessive consumption of garlic can result in various other health problems. Therefore, try not to incorporate prudent amount of garlic in your diet.

Over to you

Make superior dietary preferences to beat the heat and keep your body cooler. You don’t have to completely shut down on such food items but be mindful of consuming them in modest amounts so that your fitness and well-being remains tucked –in and your body can easily retreat the scorching heat.


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