Five Diwali Super snack ideas

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Five Diwali Super snack ideas

Indian festivities are truly a time to celebrate and unite along with family and friends. Diwali is one such festival full of fun and feasts. Diwali themed food holds prime importance and are inseparable and interlinked with Indian festivals. But during such occasions, the body might suffer from various health problems like indigestion, bloating & acidity and it is completely because of eating frequently and eating unhealthy.

A healthy snack such as diwali finger food and diwali dry snack is necessary which can provide energy between the meals. Healthy snacking along with the controlled portion size is a positive change to adopt during Diwali house parties. Make sure to include all healthy snacks on the menu, if hosting a party, so that everyone can binge on it without any guilt factor.

One can stay healthy and still enjoy the festivity by making simple swaps in the eating habits like opting for baked, grilled, roasted or steamed food items instead of deep fried.

Here are five super snack ideas for this Diwali which you can keep handy during to serve your guests!

  • Stuffed moong dal pancake: Moong dal pancake with the stuffing of paneer, carrot, capsicum and onion is a protein rich snack which keeps you full for longer and is also easy to digest. Other than being healthy, it is completely flavorsome! This is also a unique way of including a nutrient dense lentil in the festive diet. The snack is prepared with soaked lentils, which is grinded in a smooth paste to make pancakes.
  • Spinach and soya granules tikki: Soya is a very good source of protein, vitamin B and minerals. Spinach on the other hand is a super food loaded with iron, protein, vitamin and minerals. The goodness of both the ingredients also helps maintain the cholesterol levels. The snack is prepared with blanched and chopped spinach, soya granules and ginger-garlic paste, mild spices and with the binding of buckwheat flour. Simply bake these tikkis in order to avoid the excess usage of oil.
  • Roasted chickpea chaat with veggies: It is a quick snack that can be simply prepared with roasted chickpea, peas, pomegranate, tomato, onions, sesame and flavorful spices. This festive snack is a rich source of vitamin, minerals, protein and fiber help aids in weight management. So, indulge in the goodness of chickpea chaat and relish the healthfulness along with festivity!
  • Corn salad in coned papad: It is definitely a healthy and innovative way of adding snacks in the festive menu. The colorful dish is cholesterol-free, full of antioxidants and is prepared with boiled corn and chopped veggies.
  • Beetroot and quinoa patties: Flavorful crunchy and healthy beet and quinoa patties are one of the grab and go Diwali snacks. Adding chopped spinach leaves will also make it a healthy snacking option. Adding beetroot to the diet is associated with number of health improving results due to vitamin B9, vitamin C, iron and potassium present in it.

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Stay healthy and enjoy the festival with these innovative diwali food recipes. But it is always recommended to keep a watch on the portion size to keep health problems like indigestion at bay.

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