Five Benefits of Adding Wood Apple to Your Diet

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Five Benefits of Adding Wood Apple to Your Diet

Wood apple is the member of Rutaceae family with the popular scientific name called Aegle marmelos. It’s native to India and Bangladesh known as bael- has a sweet and aromatic flavour and is astringent in nature. It is also known as stone apple.

Wood apple is prominently appreciated for its numerous medicinal properties which aids in keeping the overall health on track. The plus point is, wood apple is a summer fruit and vastly known amongst the fruits of health. Moreover, all its parts are some or the other way beneficial!

Nutrients Making Stone Apple a Staple Fruit to Every Day Diet!

Stone apple is mainly appreciated due to its nutrients- vitamins and various organic compounds including tannins, calcium, phosphorous, fiber, protein, and iron. Other than that, it has significant properties such as antioxidant, inflammatory and laxative. Not stopping here, stone apple (bael) is extremely beneficial for a human health due its excellent nutritional sources- carotene, carbohydrate, magnesium, riboflavin, chromium, water, tartaric acid, zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, potassium, and manganese.

The abundance of nutrients found in stone apple offers multiple health benefits working as a medicine agent for making herbal medicines that treat various ailments. Here are five benefits of adding stone apple to your diet. Have a look!

  • Relieve Constipation: Laxative property of stone apple helps in relieving constipation, subsequent pain and discomfort including related health issues to it. Consumption of stone apple is known to be highly effective medicine/ treatment to this condition as it removes toxins from intestine. For that simply have an unsweetened fresh stone apple juice. Make sure to keep its pulp intact and seeds removed.
  • Cure Indigestion: Adding stone apple in the diet help cure indigestion by destroying worms present in the intestine and it’s also a good remedy for various other digestive disorders. In addition, it has combined properties of antifungal and anti- parasitic making it an ideal fruit for enhanced digestive health.
  • Nutritiously Hydrating: Stone apple carries the vital electrolytes- ensuring the maintained fluid balance in body. Amongst which, potassium is the most important one as it help prevent extreme water loss in form or urination and sweating. Also, applying it on skin preserves the moisture content by locking it safely.
  • Control Diabetes: The compound called feronia gum, found in stone apples counteracts diabetes by lessening the severity of diabetes condition. Also, it aids in maintaining the secretion, flow and balancing of sugar found in bloodstreams. It prevents blood sugar spike and plunge that may lead to serious diabetics by managing insulin and glucose levels.
  • Promotes Natural Detoxification: Consuming stone apple naturally promotes body detoxification through the process of eliminating toxins from the body which directly results in increased metabolism. Nonetheless, adding stone apple to the diet also attributes in the clearance of alcohol metabolites.
  • Over to you

    If you are wondering that stone apple can only be used as a remedy to cure illness then you are most probably thinking wrong. You can use it to make chutney and give a twist to your Indian dishes by adding a bit of it as per your taste.


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