Fit India Movement

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Fit India Movement

Okay! Let’s take a pause for a moment and go back to the lane of history. Everybody agrees that during the first tenure of Modi government ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ was one of their best outstanding initiatives. And now, ‘Fit India’ is setting its popularity in each and every corner of India and is surely going to be phenomenal in their second stint.

The Fit India Movement is going to be launched on 29th August, the National Sports Day, at the Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium. The basic aim of the Fit India Movement is to inspire all the citizens to indulge in a culture of fitness in their everyday life.


Fit India Movement launched by PM Modi encourages people to make fitness a part of their daily routine. PM Modi has always been a lover of yoga and fitness and now his fit India mission is on a verge of raising awareness about being healthy and fit in the whole world. Fit India mission is a step towards a healthy India. Not limited to a youth program, this mission will assist every single being to live a healthy life.

While launching this campaign, Prime Minister will take a fitness pledge while inviting all Indians to join in and contribute their time and efforts in the future. Various National Sports icons like PV Sindhu, Hima Das along with well-known athletes like Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik will also join this fit India Challenge.

The Fit India Calendar
Mental health

It’s a four-year campaign. ‘Physical fitness and mental wellbeing’ is the sole motive of the year 2019. The second year of this initiative will be focussing on ‘how to add in healthy food and eating habits’.

‘Environment-friendly lifestyle’ is the motto of the third year whereas the fourth year will emphasize on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, promotion of goods and services that are health-friendly and easy to embrace techniques to keep diseases away.

A schedule of the first year is listed below:

  • Month 1: After the launch of the campaign the 1st month will be emphasizing on various physical activities in the educational institutes. Running, walkathons and cycle rallies are going be to arranged around India and various health check-up camps and will be organized to boost the campaign.
  • Month 2: The second month of the movement is going to focus on various health campaigns right from schools to universities, villages, towns, and districts. Various plays will also be enacted in streets and mohallas to enhance the education of people. Every area must indulge in some form of physical exercises.
  • Month 3: The third month will focus on setting up groups and clubs and sharing their physical activities on social media. Family and friends weekly outings that involve any physical activities are also a part of this month.
  • Month 4: Developing secure and safe playfields everywhere in the towns, gardens, and educational institutions are the theme of the 4th month. Many volunteers will be there to guide every area for improvising the quality of playfields and gardens.
  • Month 5: Organizing various sports activities like walking, walkathons, and marathons is the theme of the 5th month.
  • Month 6: Moving forward, the sixth month will go along with the theme of cycling.
  • Month 7: The 7th month is about competitive events of all kinds so that the people will continue to develop an interest in the physical activities.
  • Month 8: This month will be focussing on various healthy initiatives taken by different block/district/state and national level of India.
  • Month 9: To encourage more interest in physical activities, month 9 is all about the celebration of the national activities.

To make the fitness a mantra for life is the sole motive of this campaign. This mission fit India by PM Modi is not only launched for the general fitness of the physique but spreading mental health is also the motto of this campaign.

Yoga is one such element that contributes to making the health fit India. Early morning yoga for about 45 minutes is extremely refreshing and rejuvenating as said by PM Modi.

And, now he wants to make every single person of India very healthy and fitness conscious by following physical activities like yoga and walks. There can be various fit youth programs launched under this theme as well.

Mission fit India by PM Modi is a great initiative for a healthy and longer life. To make every citizen of India equally energetic and fresh, various activities will be organized. Various themes for every month state that PM Modi is all set to take the fit India mission to a healthier way. And why not! Good health not only makes human life longer but also soothes the mind with calmness and coolness.

Being physically active does not only mean moving the bodies but it also means activeness with mental health as well. Fit India Movement will help in making your physical and mental health better by promoting better sleep, better concentration, happy mood, and by saying goodbye to stress and anxiety. The more you exercise, the better you make yourself happy and healthy. Just choose your favourite activity and do it regularly. Walking, cycling, running, yoga- it could be anything! Just stick to it! Enjoy! And see the magic.

Healthy India Fit India!!!

We wish you happy health!!

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