Exploring West Most of Indonesia and South of India (Bali and Kerala)

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Exploring West Most of Indonesia and South of India (Bali and Kerala)

Bali, the West most of Indonesia and Kerala, the South of India are amongst the top tourist destination in the world. Diversified lands where you won’t be have shortage of activities you wish to do. Incredible livelihood and the active culture in terms of food and the pleasant climate make these places the second heaven on earth after Kashmir.

Healthy Food Guide to Bali

No matter what your dietary preference are, you’ll find more than enough to keep your stomach happy in Bali. It’s a foodie’s paradise! From an abundance of casual cafes to 8-course chef’s tasting menus, Bali is all about quality food and healthy living. Here are some of the preferred restaurants, have a look:

  • Cafe Organic: Café Organic offers a variety of health conscious and vegetarian foods that aren’t just forinstagraming but are also delicious.

What to have and why: Some recommended dishes from the menu are the smoothie bowls, pumpkin falafels& salad bowls providing significant nutrition to your body.

  • Nalu bowl: You cannot leave Bali without trying a Nalu bowl! And there are many locations that are opened now. Recommendedplace – Shelter venue in Seminyak where they also serve other delicious brunch foods!

What to have and why: Teahupoo- a bowl perfectly loaded with green and sweet fruit (comprised of spinach, ginger, banana, orange, pineapple and mango). Uluwatu- a smooth dragon fruit bowl having dragon fruit, banana, papaya, raspberry in it topped with coconut flakes. These are the bowl having all the vital nutrients in one.

  • Atman Kafe: This café is located on popular Hanoman Street, has an extensive menu, offering organic coffee, kombucha, organic eggs and plenty of gluten-free soups, salads, tapas and Balinese authentic.

What to have and why: You can choose to have tropical fruit salad, fresh yogurt, fruit toast and raw grain porridge with the essential nutrients found in fruits including antioxidant and dietary fiber.

  • Alchemy Bali: This is a hundred percent raw vegan cafe and juice bar with a mini organic health food store placed inside.

What to have and why: Recommended meals are bowl of fruit, gluten-free granola, and coconut yogurt. The lunch salad bar, tapas, and delicious raw desserts are amazing as well.

  • Bali Buda: The Bali Buda Restaurant is located in the heart of Ubud town. The best part is that this restaurant serves all vegan, vegetarians, and meat-eaters.

What to have and why: Serves freshly baked bread, healthy salads, burgers, Ayurvedic food, and bullet coffee.

Few Must Try Balinese Dishes:

  • Nasi Goring: This recipe is prepared fromfried rice with kecapmanis soy sauce seasoning with vegetables and meat.
  • Ayam Betutu: This recipe is prepared from steamed and roasted chicken or duck in a spicy betutu sauce.
  • Babi Gulling: This is a traditional recipe for spit roasted pork.


Food Guide To Kerala

Kerala boats of enchanting waterfalls, meandering rivers, beautiful lagoons and breath taking hill stations. Talking about the cuisines, it offers a plethora of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dish. Here is our healthy guide for appetizing foods that you must try.

Must Try Dishes

  • Puttu and Kadala Curry: Puttu a cylindrical steamed cake made of steamed rice and kadala is a coconut based black chickpeas curry rich in protein and is lip-smacking when eaten with Puttu. It’s one of the favorites among Keralite and is usually a breakfast dish.

Health Insight- Nutritious as the rice flour is steamed to prepare puttu and chickpeas are a good source of protein.

  • Appam with vegetable stew: Appam is made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk. It’s similar to a pancake with crispy edges. The stew features mango pieces and vegetables. An important ingredient that gives amazing taste is the fresh coconut milk.

Health Insight- Fermented rice is good for digestion and stew contains vegetables and mango which is good source of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

  • Ela Sadya: Ela Sadya is the king of all the vegetarian food in Kerala! With so many options than you’d have seen on your platter. It is prepared and served during religious and ceremonial occasions. Served on banana leaf, feast of 26 or more dishes, to name few it has pachadi, kichadi, pulissery, olan, sambar, varavu, thoran, aviyal, payasam.

Health Insight- Power house of nutrition, with herbs and spices that provides many benefits.

  • Dosa with Kerala Style Sambar: It’s a must have for every traveler, this cuisine of Dosa and sambar is appetizing. Made from fermented rice and lentils this one is an easy pick for most of us. Cooked in butter/ghee until its crisp.

Health Insight- It’s delicious with low ghee/butter and lentils are good a source of protein.

  • Idli Sambar: The perfect blend of fermented rice cakes and a deliciously tangy curry of aromatic spices and lentilsis based on vegetable stew or chowder. Universally accepted for the taste and health benefit.

Health Insight- Mix vegetable, high on protein and full of fibers.

  • Karimeen Pollichathu: The fish marinated and is wrapped in a banana leaf for a time being and is then grilled afterward and served with the same banana wrapping. The aroma and taste is amazing.

Health Insight- Fish is a good source of omega 3 that is essential for overall development of health. But choose baked fish over fried one.

  • Kerala prawn curry: The traditional prawn curry of Kerala is sprinkled with chili and pepper along with salt, mustard, fenugreek seed and turmeric, and is then cooked in whole coconut milk and Jaggery, before it is finally served with brown rice.

Health Insight- Prawns are every seafood lover’s favorite, and they are an amazing source of minerals and nutrients.

Note- Preparation vary from place to place you can opt for less coconut milk if you have high cholesterol problem.


Over to you:

Whether you areon a flexitarian, vegan, vegetarian, or on a non-vegetariandiet, you can easily maintain your healthy eating habits while on a holiday.So, if you’re planning a holiday to Bali or Kerala, make sure you read this handy guide and make the best of your trip.

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