Enjoy Winters with These Guilt-Free Drinks

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Enjoy Winters with These Guilt-Free Drinks

Ah, winters are here! Winters not only bring a sense of warmness and coziness but also carry the vibes of laziness and the urge of eating junkies with it. Eating healthy during the season of winters is quite difficult which often tend to gain weight. Obviously, it is impossible to ignore those buttery foods during the winters but there is something you can do at home to make yourself fit, trim and cosy. There are various warm drinks that can effortlessly make you feel cosy and slim you down just like you always dreamt of. Various researches have suggested that consuming a hot liquid just 60 minutes before eating can help a person to consume lesser meals and calories.

Healthy drinks not only limited to green tea and black coffee. If you are tired of consuming that plain black tea or coffee then we have a list of some great healthy drinks that can give a different taste to your buds while maintaining an ideal weight for you. Try these effective and delicious low-calorie winter drinks to make yourself energetic, warming and slim. You know what a brownie point of consuming these drinks are- each drink is rich with additional health benefits.

So, check out these healthy cosy cups which are both equally delicious and guilt-free!

Fruity green tea: Yes, green tea is extremely beneficial for a human body. It not only helps you in cutting down the fat from the body but also protects against cancer, cholesterol, and tooth decay. Various studies have shown that consuming 2 cups of green tea each day helps in losing 2.6 Kilograms in 90 days. Well, if you want to add some great antioxidants and fruity flavour to it, you can add a spoonful of frozen berries and other fruits you love. This tea can be prepared in no time. All you have to do is place the berries in your cup and add some boiling water and tea bags to it and remove everything in 3-4 minutes and it’s done. Enjoy your happy drink and flaunt your slim body in winters as well.

Orangey tea with ginger: From a very long period of time, ginger is well known for its natural medicinal properties of treating stomach ailments, inflammation, nausea, and many other diseases. Various studies have suggested that those who consume ginger extract twice daily have a lower risk of pains and inflammation in the overall body. You can enhance the taste and the quality of ginger tea by adding the citrus rich oranges in it. All you have to do is take a pan and boil the tea, ginger and cinnamon in the water for approximately 5 minutes. Add some of the orange juice and its peels to it and you can enjoy your calming cup of drink in no time.

Spicy lemonade: No, if you are thinking that lemonade is a summer refreshing drink then we got to tell you that you are completely wrong. Fresh lemon can do miracles in your tea and beverages. And when it is mixed with the different types of fruits and cinnamon then it can become your beloved one. This tea can not only slim you down but can also keep an eye on your blood sugar levels and it can also increase your metabolism by 20%. Consume it in between your meals and see the magic. All you have to do is take boiling water and add the lemon slices in it. Then stir in some honey and cinnamon and you are all set to go.

Peppermint fennel green tea: You’ve listened a lot about the advantages of peppermint and green tea but the addition of fennel in this drink adds stars in it. This tea also fosters the digestion and has antibacterial properties in it. Prepare this tea by boiling all the ingredients in the water for 3-4 minutes and then strain it out.


Nothing can make you warmer like a hot mug of chocolate during winters but the calories can later make you feel bad and guilty. So, sip smarter with this above written tea and save yourself from those thousands of extra calories.

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