Enchanting Culinaries Of London and Kashmir

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Enchanting Culinaries Of London and Kashmir

Whether it’s Big Ben (Great Bell of the clock), Churchill’s war room and Kensington Palace in London or it’s Dal Lake and Pehel Goan in Kashmir, both the places tremendously represents their respective history in fabulous ways. And when it comes to the food culture, London and Kashmir have diversity to serve around. Let’s take a sneak peak in the following countries’ culinaries.

Enchanting Culinaries Of London

London city, the capital of England and the largest city in United Kingdom. This cosmopolitan city has been on the bucket list of many people and is favorite among travelers. Over 250 festivals, 170 museums and the fashion capital of the world, London, over the time has been stipulated as a cultural and fashion hub. London experiences four seasons-winter, summer, autumn and spring.

There’s always a connection between food and culture that many of us are not aware of.Country or community’s cuisine reflects its history, lifestyle, values, and beliefs.

Try foods that are the part of London culture in a best possible way to explore the real essence of London’s food history.

Traditional Foods That You Can Try at London’s Best Places

  • Fish and chips: The chips are seasoned and cooked just right. Not too crunchy not too chewy.Fish is traditionally batteredor deep fried but you can also get a baked fish or grilled one with a salad of your choice. This dish is an ultimate source of omega 3.

The Best place to have: Kerbisher& Malt situated in Hammersmith and Rock & Sole Plaice situated in Covent Garden.

  • Bubble and squeak: A traditional British breakfast made from boiled potatoes and cabbage combined together and shallow fried. Carrots, broccoli, peas and corn are also added. It tastes good and no wonders its best for a breakfast-brunch.This dish adds ample vegetables in your diet that good source of vitamins A, vitamin B6,vitamin C and manganese. In many places,beef is also included; you can choose your preference.

The Best place to have: Caravan situated in Clerkenwell and bill’s café situated in Covent Garden.

  • Full English breakfast: It’s always a must to do, when you are in London. The full English breakfast has poached or scrambled eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or buttered toast, and sausage. A well balanced dish with all the good nutrients.

Note: Avoid the fried stuff opt for baked one.

The Best place to have: Apres food co situated in Farringdon and Balthazar situated in Covent Garden Brasserie.

  • Afternoon Tea: This tradition of tea is hard to miss; afternoon tea is a fabulous way to enjoy the time in London. Traditionally comprised of finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream as well as pastries and tea of your choice. Afternoon tea is meant to be an experience so make sure you reserve a couple hours for it.

Note: Try to have pastry,jam and cream in moderation.

The Best place to have: The Langham situated in 1C Portland Place and Brown’s Hotel situated in Albemarle Street.

  • Bangers and Mash: Listed as the best comfort food. It’s hearty, tastes good and is the ultimate combination of protein and carbohydrates. It consists of flavored sausages of pork, lamb or beef served with mashed potatoes and onion gravy.

The Best place to have: Mother Mash situated in Ganton Street and The well situated in Hampstead.

Here are a few restaurants that serve varieties of authentic dishes. Have a look!

  • Mildreds: They serve vegetarian and vegan based food that is high in nutrition and doesn’t compromise on the joys of eating. The menu supports your healthy eating idea. They have two outlets that are at king cross and Camden town.

You can try: Soul bowl (carrot, beetroot, quinoa, avocado,cashew,mushroom,mixed sprouts and seed with sesame dressing),organic scrambled eggs or tofu with roasted mushrooms and sourdough.

  • Ethos: Near the Oxford Circus this vegetarian restaurant is good for people who want to opt out of meat dishes as it provides vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free foods. With so many options to choose, you can enjoy the dishes without having any guilt.

You can try: Kale and sweet potato breakfast hash and porridge.

  • Maple & Fitz: If you are in king cross, this go-to destination for nourishing, substantial salads, grain bowls and other nutritious treats is one right place. It re-imagines familiar classics dish,whatever you go for, you’ll have a colorful, balanced and wholesome dish.

You can try: Mexican standoff and Julius Caesar.

  • Grill Market: Located in a honey comb of old alleyways and courtyards in Holborn. London’s best organic food restaurant that ensures, the food is of top quality and is carefully sourced to ensure that it is organic and fresh.

You can try: Almond milk porridge and zinger.


Enchanting Culinaries Of Kashmir

Kashmir is the gem of India which offers great heartwarming memories for a lifetime. It looks beautiful during winters, from the views of snow-covered meadows, mesmerizing peaks, thrilling adventure sports, and astonishing frozen lakes,every single thing of this paradise on earth can make a person fall in love. The experience of travelling to Kashmir in winters is an experience inexpressible.

When travelling to Kashmir, you will get to know extensive food cultural history, offering you immense nutritional nourishment. Let’s see what’s in the Kashmir’s food box!

  • Haaqsaag (Kashmiri saag): Haak leaves are green in color and look a lot like spinach and are rich in vitamin A, vitamin K, and Beta kerotene. Kashmiri saag is prepared by cooking them for 30 minutes with mustard oil and spices for a healthy, filling meal.
  • Kehwa(spicy Kashmiri tea): Steaming cups of Kehwa, are flavored with cardamom, cinnamon, and chock-full of almonds which contains biotin, Vitamin E, manganese, copper, vitamin B2, phosphorous, magnesium and fiber which makes our skin and hair healthy in dry winters. This drink is must if you visit Kashmir in winters as this drink will warm you in cold winter afternoons.
  • Harissa (winter delicacy of Kashmir): This local Kashmiri food is must to try. The non-vegetarian delicacy takes almost twelve hours to prepare and is a main diet of Kashmir is in winter. Lamb and rice are the main ingredients of harissa which is a rich source of high-quality protein, and also an outstanding source of many vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and vitamin B12.
  • Kashmiri Pulao: A healthy and unique dish of Kashmir valley, with a richness which reflects the fortitude of the beautiful valley. In this recipe basmati rice is cooked which is a low fat, low cholesterol food in whole spices, kashmiri chilis, kesar, and desi ghee. Kesar or saffron used in the recipe has a distinctive flavor and aroma and it is also an extremely valuable spice because of its distinct flavor, health, and medicinal properties
  • Roganjosh: This dish was originally brought to Kashmir by the Mughals and since then it has become one of the signature Kashmiri curries, where protein rich meat is cooked with onions spices and yogurt. The generous use of Kashmiri red chilies imparts a dramatic red color and vitamin A to the curry.
  • Yakhni: Yakhni is a popular yogurt based Kashmiri curry, prepared with goat meat or chicken or lotus stem, and is infused with cardamom, ginger, and bay leaves which offers a healthy dose of vitamins A, magnesium, potassium, and iron.Vegetarian version of this recipe is prepared from lotus stem which is a great source of Vitamin C, which helps in boosting the immunity of a person and fight viral infections.


Over to you

Just for you we came up with a blog enchanting culinaries of London and Kashmir. So, when you go next to London or Kashmir you have a full fledged food guide helping you choose what to eat as per your preferences. Happy vacations!!!

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