Drink Your Way To Stay Hydrated

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Drink Your Way To Stay Hydrated

The scorching heat takes a toll on your health but that anyway does not combats you from travelling across.  While you travel you should be well acquainted with your body requirements and shall keep yourselves well hydrated all throughout in order to maintain a good trim and enjoy your vacations. Travelling can sometimes keep you so consumed that you might shrug off the need to hydrate, therefore, It is essential to recognize the demands of body.

As you travel there is an elevated need for hydration. The humidity levels as well as rising temperatures and no liquid intake can be quite detrimental for your health causing fatigue, dizziness, low blood pressure and dehydration. Ensure adequate hydration for a fancy vacation.

Here are a few drinks to beat the heat and give you the much needed rejuvenating punch:

Lemonade: Summers result in heightened perspiration leaving you dehydrated, lemonade is a great rescue in such instance. Lemonade provides you the optimum hydration and increases you fluid intake. They are an excellent source of vitamins that helps in improving digestion, promotes weight loss, improves the quality of your skin and enhances metabolic functions.

Slush: The frozen beverages extricate you from the heat vulnerability.  It is extremely refreshing and stabilizes your body temperature. Slushies give your body adequate hydration and are utterly pleasing. Fresh fruit slushies with advisable sugar content are the healthiest modification you need this summer.

Lassi: Lassi is the healthiest drink you need to quench your thirst. Vacation is a deviation from your ordinary routine which may fluctuate your body functions. Lassi is the healthiest coolant that in aids in digestion, stimulates immunity and prevents bloating.  Extremely cool and refreshing it keeps a lot of health risk away.

Jal Jeera: Extremely rejuvenating, jal jeera has multiple health benefits.  Topped with vitamins it helps in detoxification, acidity, weight loss and improves digestion. A healthy and natural digestive juice, it keeps you fresh and fit especially in the hot weather. It stimulates your immune system and keeps your body cool.

Bel Sherbet: One of the healthiest cooler, Bel sherbet is very revitalizing and wholesome. It is a good cure for heart diseases and provides gastro protection. It helps control blood pressure and improves respiratory conditions. So drive away the heat with this appetizing drink.

Mango Mastaani: mango mastaani is the most energizing and beneficial mango drink that you need to count on for the summers. Mango has multifarious benefits. It helps the body maintain a healthy balance, it protects your heart, improves bone health, prevents acidity and many more. Mango mastaani cools your body and is very healthgiving.

Chandan Sherbet: Quite bracing, the Chandan sherbet is best way to dodge the heat. It has a cooling out-turn on your body. It quenches your thirst and keeps you hydrated. Chandan sherbet makes you feel fresh and ward-off fatigue and lethargy.

Kokum Sherbet: kokum sherbet is all you need to keep you unheated in the summer. Stacked with multiple benefits, kokum sherbet is very hydrating. It exhibits impressive cooling properties and improves digestion and metabolic processes.  It keeps you energized and refreshed and provides protection against various diseases,

Over to you

In order to function properly it is imperative to take care of your hydration regimen. To set the seal that your holiday doesn’t turn out to be a bummer, don’t let your hydration pattern go for a toss.  So consume hydrating foods and fluids to fight the heat exposures and the unsual routine.



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