Diabetes Awareness Know the Types

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Diabetes Awareness Know the Types

Diabetes has always been linked with increased or lower blood sugar levels which are altogether a group of chronic diseases!
Diabetes rightly occurs from the moment when pancreas stop producing insulin. Insulin is a key hormone letting glucose pass from blood stream into the body cells to generate energy.

Being as a diabetic, it not just hampers your daily lifestyle but also, increases the risk of getting trapped by several health conditions as well. There are typically three types of diabetes: Type-1, Type-2 and Gestational diabetes.

Let’s know about types of diabetes in brief!

  • Type-1 Diabetes: Usually, type-1 diabetes gets developed in childhood, adolescence and also in adulthood. About ten per cent of people are diagnosed with type-1diabetes. Typically, it’s always treated with insulin as type-1 diabetes formulates when the immune system starts attacking and killing the beta cells of pancreas mistakenly. In results, sugar piles up in your blood streams instead of being used in form of energy.
  • Type-2 Diabetes: When your body can’t use insulin in efficient manner, that’s when type-2 diabetes starts getting generated. It means, the body in unable to use insulin in any way which later on stimulates pancreas to produce more insulin by the time it no longer remains with demand. When, insulin production diminishes, it leads to high blood sugar levels- characterized as insulin resistance. It can occur at any point of the life. Type-2 diabetes also remains undetected for several years and when it gets diagnosed it often comes with complications when it’s suggested to do routine blood or urine glucose tests.
  • Gestational Diabetes: Third type of diabetes is known as gestational diabetes. It is a temporary medical condition which occurs at the time of pregnancy. In between three to twenty per cent of pregnant women, gestational diabetes is developed. Also, having gestational diabetes can possibly increases the risk of permanent diabetes for both mother and the child.

Over to you

Know your diabetes type by overlooking to above types of diabetes described and take the earliest initiate to cure and treat the type of diabetes you have. At last, we would suggest you to limit/restrict calorie intake as well when diagnosed with diabetes as it lead to worsen the condition.


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