Control your winter appetite

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Control your winter appetite

Winter sometimes comes along with the overeating monster following weight gain. Most people beat themselves up over binge-eating but do you know that your hunger pangs are normal? Humans are warm-blooded animals and we experience hunger pangs in winter because we are biologically programmed to feel that way. It’s an evolutionary attribute that makes the body add weight to it during the cold, dark days. Because our ancestors, find it difficult to hunt or prey for food in winters this extra fat helped them cope with the cold.
Since now we don’t hibernate, we need to channel the pangs in such a way that winters remains a healthy season. Below mentioned are some points which may actually help you to control your winter appetite.

  • Eat Slow and don’t go empty: Eating too quickly will create the bloated feeling when you get stuffed and eating slow will allow your body to signal that it is full and no longer hungry. Also before leaving your house, have a meal or a bowl of salad and fresh fruits, because studies suggest that eating outside may increase the calorie intake by forty percent.
  • Have short and frequent meals: Eating five or six smaller meals per day, is a major key for keeping tabs on your appetite. If you’re eating healthy whole foods during those small meals, you’ll stay full throughout the day and will be less likely to experience cravings. Otherwise, if you eat only twice per day, you may be so voracious that you over-eat or eat less healthy food and end up eating more overall calories than you would with a five or six times per day eating plan.
  • Focus on Fiber and protein: Fiber is massively important for helping to keep us full and keep our bowels functioning optimally because we’re less active and crave more food during winters. Foods that include fiber are fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Eat protein like eggs, yoghurt, fish, tofu, legumes, nuts, and seeds at each meal or as a snack to keep your appetite under control.
  • Spice up your meals: Foods high in the chemical like capsaicin makes hot peppers spicy and help you feel satisfied longer than non-spicy foods. In addition to this hot chili peppers also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and slightly speed up your metabolism right after you’ve completed eating. So start spicing up your meals from now onwards, to beat those winter hunger pangs.
  • Get enough sleep: Deep and quality sleep also help you to reduce hunger and gain weight. Studies shows that becoming an insomniac and sleeping very less can increase the hunger and appetite by twenty four percent. There are some herbal teas you can try like chamomile and passionflower tea which promotes sleep because of their antioxidant content. Nuts like walnuts and almonds are rich in serotonin and healthy fats which promotes better sleep.


Over to you:
Eating well balanced meals and right foods is important to keep your winter appetite in check. Use the tips mentioned above to put a stop over your winter cravings without torturing yourself.

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