Body Image Issues In Women & Nutritional Guidelines

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Body Image Issues In Women & Nutritional Guidelines

These days every one of us is conscious about looks, style, body image, the way we dress and so on. Almost everyone seems to be drooling over that perfect figure of famous icons of glamour world and goes to any extent to achieve that desired body shape completely similar to them.

Your body image is how you feel about your body. The thoughts, the emotions, and perceptions that come under when you watch yourselves in the mirror. These days there is a rat race to look good and to look slimmer. It is more common amongst women who are compromising their health in order to attain that ideal figure that they are obsessed about and aspire for. Instead of forming a positive body image of their own self, women start comparing their body shape or structure with society, relatives, peers or celebrities, thereby formulating a complete negative body image of their own and hence filling up themselves with discontentment and apathy.

In the pressure of achieving a particular numeric value on the weighing scale, women force themselves to starve, practice crash diet trends, do certain kinds of fad diets such as low carb diet or high fat –high protein diets. These diets stay in fashion for a specific period of time and can result in a drastic weight loss within a short span of time but also bring in numerous health implications from which these women might be completely unaware.

The harmful effects of starvation or crash dieting sometimes are known to many women but the urge to lose weight overcomes the health aspect. It is evident that the women who are very much concerned about their weight are suspected to suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. These are not just eating disorders, but they also cause psychological problems such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

Women should realize that a layer of protective fat is important for it has a role in breastfeeding, fertility, prevention of osteoporosis and for healthy skin, hair and eyes.

Let’s shift focus from all these negative traits of achieving a perfect body to a more holistic and wholesome aspect of health in the tops summarized as below:

  • Aim for a healthy weight loss
    Always target for a healthy weight loss which will have no health complications and it will be sustainable for the future.
  • Eat a variety of food
    Inculcate variety in your diet. Try to have food from all the food groups like milk and milk products, pulses & legumes, fruits & vegetables, cereals, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, so that you don’t miss out on any nutrient.
  • Don’t worry about the value on the scale
    Try not to get worried and tensed about what you see on the weighing scale as weight is not the only parameter to evaluate your health.
  • Say goodbye to sugar
    Sugar gives you nothing but just empty calories and no nutrients. Try to avoid sugar as much as you can if you want your weight to be manageable.
  • Restrict processed food items and trans fats
    The processed food items and junk foods fill you up with empty calories and provide you with bad fat which can further lead to major health issues such as heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity. So instead of eating from outside, prepare something at home which is fresh as well as not processed.
  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet
    Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet as they will provide you with fiber that will help you to lose weight along with giving you satiety value as well.
  • Stay hydrated
    Make a target to drink at least 2-3 litres of water on a daily basis as it will help to flush out the accumulated waste and toxins from your body and will help you feel lighter from the inside.


Over to You:

Every woman should believe that self-contentment is the most important aspect and she should adore and allure the body she owns. A woman should embrace both perfections and imperfections within herself and should strive to attain what is best for her and this best should not be inspired by the outer world but should rather be individualistic.

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