Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Travelling Already!

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Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Travelling Already!

When we set off for our travel, we get so caught up in the excitement of exploring new history and culture that we often forget, we are embarking not only a trip but also a complete cultural shock, which means, challenging your palette with new cuisines that is amongst the most enticing reasons to travel.

So, before we reach to a day of travel, let’s begin to feel a lot like travelling already by taking a glance to some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while travelling. Let’s begin!!!

Some points to keep in mind while you travel are mentioned below. Do’s!

  • Eating local food should be the part of your travelling as it’s the best way to immerse yourself in the localized food culture with abundance of healthful nutrients.
  • While travelling, you might not have access to food at regular intervals which may lead you to skip meals. In order to avoid such situation, pack healthy and light snacks in your backpack. For instance, roasted fox nuts, roasted channa, plain yogurt, fruits and barely puffs are best to carry.
  • Carry at least two water bottles with you before stepping out of your home. This will help you prevent from drinking unbolted water available outside which may land you in a situation of diarrhoea.
  • Eat small amounts of healthy food throughout the day sends a signal to your brain that the food supply is plentiful and therefore, keeps you fuller and retains the energy to explore more when on travel.
  • While ordering from a restaurant, opt for dishes prepared in less oil and are prepared with whole grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, barley or oats. Grains contain more fibre and can promote satiety, keeping you energetic for longer.
  • Nothing could be more relishing than enjoying local and seasonal fruits available to the place you have chosen to travel. Just wonder, your body will be nourished with nutrients completely. So, do make some extra space for local fruits in your plate.
  • Eat right amount of protein in form of eggs and some fish dish (lean protein) as they are easily available while travelling. Also, it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs and gives you energy for a long hike or a long drive.
  • Be aware of food handlers/restaurants where the crowd is lesser even in peak hours. This can be the sign of bad quality food served there.
  • Keep a stock of herbal tea bags or green tea bags with you, to get your caffeine fix. This will also help you avoid filthy sugary beverages from gaining unwanted kilos after your travel.
  • Your body needs water on regular interval of time and therefore, drinking plenty of water will flush all your body toxins and prevent the situation of being eating while travelling. Also, it will help you avoid travel lag.

Some points to avoid when you travel are as followed. Don’ts!

  • Do not opt for frozen foods as they pose a few health risks due to the long freezer shelf-life. This “high-risk” preparation is caused by the constant freezing and de-thawing of the food that can produce harmful bacteria. Not only that, but the ice used to freeze these items comes with the risk of contamination.
  • Remember the one-hour rule. Don’t consume any perishable foods that have been sitting out beyond one hour when the temperature is higher than 90° degrees F.
  • While travelling, alcohol can prove disastrous for your diet. A lot of cocktails and alcohol mixers have loads of sugar. Moreover, alcohol may dehydrate you and drain out your energy. So, limit your alcohol consumption.
  • Eating too much of greasy or oily foods may disturb your digestion and gives you an extra fatty layer. So, avoid eating food from street food stalls which are prepared in high oil content.
  • Stay away from sugary beverages like teas and coffees as much as possible. Coffee may again make you de-hydrated and may even causes an energy crash after a few hours.
  • Buffets are yet a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria. The longer food sits out, the more bacteria cling to the meal you’re about to ingest. Avoid to visit such places altogether.
  • Don’t opt for fruits juices (fresh or pasteurised/tetra packed) wondering it will serve you instant required energy and the same nutritional values like fresh fruits. They all are nil in nutritional values, filled with additives and provide nothing else than sole calories.


Over to you

These may seem like ‘common sense’ tips, but why do we see so many people regularly committing these mistakes while travelling? Because we forget of our health in the excitement of travelling. But not this time. Get travel ready and keep the listed do’s and don’ts while travelling this vacation.

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