Avoid post wedding weight gain- Know how

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Avoid post wedding weight gain- Know how

Weddings are the most definitely a time for celebration for all and especially if it’s your own. But as one walk from singlehood to wedlock, there are certain changes that take place. With positive ones there is a drawback that follows along and that is post wedding weight gain. As getting in shape for the big day is an important part of wedding plan, similarly maintaining the same after the wedding is better for a healthier living. It becomes tough to do so and there could be multiple of reasons for the same. One of the main is indulgence in food which is a major base of wedding celebrations.

There are social gatherings and feasting with variety of different cuisines that comprises of all deep fried snacks which are high in calories and fat, aerated drinks that are carbonated drinks with high sugar content and sweets.

Another important reason being the lifestyle change. The life goes on a complete toss after wedding and settling into a new house and routines also gets hectic. Due to this, the time and frequency of eating increases. It is also because of the hormonal changes that take place within the body after marriage, it gets a little challenging to maintain an ideal body weight.

During weddings, people do not realize that they are carelessly indulging in unhealthy eating habits and the concern of weight gain can also be a problem for future. There are few ways to plan a healthier future together with your significant other and stick to a nutritious way by encouraging others to do the same.

  • Indulge in some kind of workout routine together: We all are aware that fitness is the key. Planning workout sessions or yoga and getting your partner involved in the same will help manage time and will also keep oneself motivated. It can be a simple morning walk or a walk after dinner. For maintaining a healthy body weight, gym sessions will also be beneficial.
  • Mindful eating: Social outings are part of post wedding celebration that cannot be avoided. It is basically a time to meet people and getting used to a different routine altogether. Watch for what you eat when out at such gatherings. One solution is to eat healthy beforehand to keep yourself half full, so that, you don’t tend to munch on junk food. Another option is to always choose healthier dishes from the menu, avoiding all fried and sweets.
  • Serve healthy and also do the same for you: It is always better to encourage people with healthy eating habits. Indulge in healthy cooking at home like go for whole wheat pasta and cook pizza with whole grain base. You can start off the day with goodness of fruits and flavorful smoothies and salads could be a part of healthy dinner.
  • Eat small portions : People make you eat variety of food and especially sweets during wedding celebrations. The solution could be to eat small portion or just a bite of all that people make you eat or what is served.
  • Initiate healthy grocery shopping: Commit to a healthy diet and for that initiate with healthy grocery shopping. This will result in a positive change of cooking with all healthful food items.

Over to you
All the above mentioned reasons together contribute towards post wedding weight gain which at times cannot be avoided. But keeping in mind certain healthful eating habits and ways can surely help one deal with it for fitter future. Munching on unhealthy food during wedding cannot be fully ignored but always remember to do that in moderation.

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