7 myths and facts of post Diwali detox

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7 myths and facts of post Diwali detox

Festivals are a time of bingeing on delectable dishes and sweets and any dietary restrictions also takes a halt. Diwali is one such festival when we all gorge on mindless munching from plateful of snacks to sweets.

Scrumptious meals are prepared during this time and it is truly the highlight of the festival! But food either is processed or fried and sweets are loaded with preservatives, additives to give color and taste.

It is all packed with high calories, plus it gets difficult for the digestive system to assimilate the festive diet which is high on fats, sugar and carbohydrates.But after the festival, it is important to give the body some break and to lead the health quotient. This is the time for a reality check and to make certain changes in the diet and lifestyle, which will help the body recover healthfully. Post diwali detox diet may aid in a bit of weight loss.

Detoxification is a good rejuvenation process after Diwali. It helps in long term weight management and removes the toxin that interferes with proper metabolic function. It simply implies following a diet to create a balance by including all nutritious food that promotes better health.

Do not forget to hydrate, opt for light home cooked food, fresh fruits, vegetables and include low-fat yogurt in the diet.

All this will speed up the digestion process and help cleanse the system by maintaining the gut balance. But with the word detox, comes certain myths related to it. Today, we will be bursting 7 myths related to post diwali detox!

  • Myth: Skipping meals or starvation is necessary for post Diwali detox.
  • Fact: Detoxifying doesn’t mean to starve. On the contrary, it truly depends on what all you eat. Chose right kind of food and eat in moderate proportions at regular intervals. Instead of skipping meals, stick to simple, healthy and light meals. Add more fiber in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts to get rid of the toxins from the body. The more you eat fresh, the faster the body detoxifies. Meals like khichdi and porridge also works best and is easy to digest. Not only they are nourishing but also keep you full for long. It is basically the right food choices that can help reboot the body’s natural detoxification systems.
  • Myth: Liquid diet is the only way to detox.
  • Fact: We all overindulge in unhealthy sweets and snacks during Diwali. A detox diet eliminates highly processed foods that have solid fats, added sugar and high calorie foods. Liquid detox can help you lose weight over the course of a couple of days but it will probably also result with the weight gain quickly. There is also chance of feeling fatigue, headaches and drop in blood pressure.
  • Myth: Detox diet alone helps to get back on track to shed any extra kilos.
  • Fact: Eating healthy with some form of light exercise is the most reliable way to get back in shape. Some form of physical activity is necessary to boost circulation, which in turn, helps the body to eliminate toxins, burn calories and maintain flexibility. Practicing yoga also helps strengthen the body and breathing also purifies the whole organ system.With consistent exercise in a daily routine, the digestive system also works well.
  • Myth: Cutting on gluten is important.
  • Fact: It is not necessary to cut down on gluten from the diet if one is not sensitive towards it. Avoiding foods that contain gluten can lead to certain deficiencies in essential nutrients, including, iron, calcium and fiber. Whole grains contain important nutrients that are vital for the body.
  • Myth: You can cut down certain macronutrients (Carbs, protein, fats) without any consequence.
  • Fact: Carbs, protein and fats are the essential nutrients to keep the body healthy. The macronutrients holds significant role in the absorption of vitamins and minerals and providing energy. Carbs are the main source of energy; protein is essential to build and repair tissues and is the building block of muscle and fats support cell growth. All three are important for maintaining a healthy diet and eliminating them may slow down the metabolism.
  • Myth: Detox is only concerned with the liver and kidney.
  • Fact: The liver is definitely considered to be the primary organ for detoxification whereas; kidney also filters the blood and excretes toxins. Other than this, skin releases the toxins while sweating. Any form of physical exercise helps flushing out the toxins through sweating.
  • Myth: Detox is an easy fix for over indulgence.
  • Fact: A detox cleanse is a gateway to a healthy and energized lifestyle. It might be a quick and an easy fix but not for the long term health.

Over to you

Festivals are a chance to enjoy and gorge on delectable dishes and sweets. But after the festive extravaganza, it is necessary to reset to the healthy eating habit. Stay on the track with the health goals including detox diet after diwali.

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