5 recipes to include post-diwali

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5 recipes to include post-diwali

Done with gorging on Diwali treats and now worried about how to get back in shape and lose those extra kilos that you have gained during festive season? You’ve come to the right place then, as we understand it’s not possible to say no to guests, especially on festivals. So, this concept of “post Diwali detox” is becoming very popular recently in which we eat and drink as healthy as possible in order to clean your body from all the fried food, sweet and unhealthy junk that you have consumed lately.

While keeping all this in mind, we bring you these 5 easy and nutritious recipes that’l help in post Diwali cleaning and help you shed those extra kilos.

  •  Dandelion herbal tea– The great thing about dandelion flowers is that it contains high amount of antioxidants and flavonoids which is great for the liver. This magic herbal tea will help the body in enhancing natural toxin detoxification process and a good source of vitamin A, B, C and zinc. Bitterness of the tea stimulates liver and gall bladder thereby improving digestion.
  • Three B’s Salad– At the time of festive season, being eating is so in practice that only focuses in fats deposition and causes gastronomical problems like indigestion, vomiting or constipation. To deal with that problem this salad will work wonders for you as it is loaded with goodness of three B i.e. beetroot, broccoli and beans. A dressing of olive oil, lime and salt, pepper will go beautifully with this one. Garnish with some flax and pumpkin seeds to add crunchiness to this.
  •  Orange kiwi smoothie– Prepared with just three ingredients i.e. orange, kiwi and yogurt, this tingly, tangy smoothie tastes amazing. One serving of this smoothie is loaded with vitamin C and vitamin A which is fantastic for our immune system and for complexion as well. Yogurt will add creaminess to this drink which also fulfills healthy protein and fats requirements, chasing away sweet craving.
  •  The green drink– Ingredients of this drink are really simple and it will give a perfect start to your day, because of the super fresh and light nature of this drink. Spinach and cucumber are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and green apple will do the detoxification process while adding sweetness to this drink. Just blend all the ingredients together in a mixture along with water and enjoy the drink.
  •  Jowar Pot– You mostly have unlimited vegetables and drinks during diet week but sometimes you want something different, something fulfilling and for that here’s the quick solution and that is this jowar pot recipe. This recipe not only tastes great but is also loaded with protein, vitamin, minerals and fiber. Just cook jowar along with seasonal vegetable and Indian spices and your one pot fulfilling meal is ready.

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Eat healthy and stay happy! Share this blog with your friends or family who have struggled while staying healthy this Diwali. So, spread it wide like a blessing and try making out these recipes at your home as well.

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