5 Reasons To Stop Counting Calories on Vacations

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5 Reasons To Stop Counting Calories on Vacations

A holiday or a vacation is a perfect break from a regular occupation usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. Vacations are often taken during specific holiday observances, or for specific festivals or celebrations spent with friends or family!

Summers are the hottest season of the year which gives an individual the leverage to escape from work and go for a long vacation. With the utmost interesting and entertaining activities, everybody gets a chance to enjoy swimming, go to hilly regions, eat ice-creams and the succulent seasonal fruits. Another purpose of the vacation is to provide some relax from the unbearable heat of the summer season. So, summer vacation is the best option to give people a nice break from the work/study and summer of course.

Summer foods are the power pack of vacation- providing energy, improving mood and offering essential holiday nutrition to an individual for a better enjoyment. Meanwhile, lot of us tend to count calories on vacations as well however, vacations should be kept aside from counting calories. Since, vacation is all about fun and frolic and making the most of the time, do keep the following tips in mind to enjoy food and not to count calories.

  • Focus On Quality Over Quantity Of Food: Focus on getting quality eating like vegetables and other wholesome foods in part by curbing added sugar and increasing its intake of satiating fibre. Also, eating foods that keep you fuller for longer makes an individual simply to consume fewer of the food items.
  • Too Much Calculation: Vacations are meant to be enjoyed. Nobody enjoys the vacations and doing constant mental math while trying to tabulate calorie totals. Going on a holiday and to “stay on point” or “keeping a track” is a set up for disaster. Instead, “count nothing”, but be “sensible”. Simple have few snacks and treats with a clear head.
  • The More You Count Calories, Less You Enjoy The Local Food: While on a vacation, local food is a tourist attraction (speciality of the region) but it’s a waste if calorie counting is always revolving in one’s head. So, enjoy the food and that time of vacation.
  • Choose One Item Wisely And Stick To It: The paradox of choice is tricky. Nobody wants to go on a vacation and skip the meal. Trying to do so is likely to cause one to feel deprived, which can set the stage for a let-down. So, if there’s a dessert which an individual love with all his/her heart goes for it and eat it slowly and enjoy the taste without counting calories.
  • Leads To Restriction Of Healthy Food: Concentrating on calories can make a person to ignore what the body is telling to have. The act of counting calories that makes one feel awful it’s the fact that counting calories restricts the intake of food in more ways than one. So, the point is to eat because everyone needs nourishment.

Over to You

Eating predominately healthy and working out makes a person feel good which vital for working days and vacation too. Thereby allowing some cheat meals and cheat days while away is fine, but also to fuel the body in a way that makes an individual feel the best is crucial. Hence, finding a right combination of taking care of oneself while on vacation and not obsessing about calories can be taken forward by implementing the above listed headers.


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