5 Delicious Navratri Drinks

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5 Delicious Navratri Drinks

Navratri is nine nights and ten days Hindu festival celebrated every autumn is celebrated differently in various parts of India. It is observed for different reasons and is celebrated in the bright-half of the Hindu calendar month Ashivin, which usually falls in September or October.

Navratri is known as one of the most popular festivals of the Hindu religion which is marked by fasting to appease Maa Durga. For a better sense of fasting it is not only done to please the divine, but to cleanse our own body, for a better and healthy lifestyle.

There is an increase in the digestive fire, which in turn flushes out the toxins, loses dullness and lethargy. Now the most important thing you need to remember is to keep yourself well hydrated even while fasting. Here are a few delicious and healthy drinks that will help you stay hydrated and energetic throughout your fasting period.

Drinks To Keep You Hydrated During Fasting:

  • Mint Zeera Lassi– Add curd in a container with dried mint and a pinch of rock salt and zeera, mix it well. To serve it cold, add ice cubes, then garnish it with cumin and fresh mint leaves. Serve it chilled to enjoy the healthy drink. Curd has its own benefits of curing indigestion problems, improves your bone strength and immunity.
  • Orange and Basil Drink– Peel the oranges and place it in a blender with basil leaves also add a drizzle of honey, make sure not to strain the orange pulp, to enjoy the thick think as well as the benefits of the pulp. Blend it till all of it comes together. Add ice cubes and enjoy it. Orange helps to lower the blood pressure and it benefits your heart.
  • Banana Kiwi Smoothie– Peel and cut the banana and kiwis, add the required milk to a blender along with the fruits and blend it well, add a small amount of spinach. You can also add honey if you wish to. Serve it chilled to keep hydrated. Banana lowers blood pressure and kiwi helps in digestion and helps your skin.
  • Badaam Sharbat– Badaam (almonds) blood pressure and lowers cholesterol level and also are good for your eyes. You can also add dates to your badaam ka sharbat. Dates are high in fiber and are excellent sweeteners. They are high in disease-fighting antioxidants and promote brain health.
  • Indian Lemonade– One of the easiest drinks to make when you are drained out of energy, especially at the time of fasting. This Indian lemonade is healthy and refreshing. Take a glass of water as a medium size lemon, a pinch of rock salt and cumin powder mix it well. Add ice to it and garnish it with mint leaves. Feel refreshed and chilled.

Over to You:

Already thirty? Share it with your friends and family stay hydrated as well. If you don’t keep yourself hydrated you might suffer through urinary tract infection (UTI) accompanied by kidney problems. These drinks will help you filter waste from your body and prevent you from these problems. Happy Fasting, Happy Navratri!

Diet Plan for Navratri: Day 3

Breakfast: 1 glass of milk +Handful of dry fruits

Mid Meal: Coconut Water (add mint/ parsley)

Lunch: Samak Rice Pulao with Vegetables and Lauki/ Ghia Raita

Snack: Apple Nutty Milkshake

Dinner: Vrat Samak Dhokla (2-3 pc)

Post Dinner: Kesar Milk or Fruits

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