With an aim to curb diabetes, the Indian Medical Association plans to launch a month-long awareness campaign

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With an aim to curb diabetes, the Indian Medical Association plans to launch a month-long awareness campaign

An awareness campaign will be held across the country to control diabetes and its associated complications; the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has planned a month-long campaign program starting from Thursday to create awareness about the disease and has asked all its state and local branches to conduct screening camps and mass awareness programs. An IMA official mentioned that the organization will observe a month-long campaign to mark “World Diabetes Day” which is observed on November 14.

A series of events during the campaign like diabetic screening camps, mass awareness programs, interactive seminar sessions and poster making competitions in various schools will be held.

Informative posters, banners and placards at key places would be exhibited and blue light illumination of important monuments and institutions across all states will be displayed. The IMA is committed to diabetes-related advocacy, and they do so by spreading awareness on diabetes and its complications. India, being the second most populated country has higher incidence rates of diabetes and associated co-morbidities. Diabetes is a fast-growing disease and a silent killer as well.

Dr. Rajan Sharma, the National President-Elect of IMA acknowledged that four out of five people are not even aware that they are diabetic. Moreover, genetically, Indians are four times more likely to develop diabetes. He added that unfortunately, over 10 lakh Indians lose their lives every year due to complications related to diabetes and its associated diseases.

The increasing trend of diabetes in India is due to its lack of physical activities, unhealthy living environment and large population that has a sedentary lifestyle, Dr Sharma added.

Practically he said that every eighth second, someone at work dies of diabetes. Diabetes is also known as the mother of a number of diseases. A person with diabetes is 2-3 times more prone to getting a stroke and heart attack.

The doctor also shared that the most common diseases due to diabetes are kidney failure, heart diseases, blindness, stroke, and amputation due to diabetic foot. In India, about 6 million people are suffering from retinopathy, which is a major cause of blindness.

The IMA is already working to promote healthy food habits in the country. Not only the people, but all the doctors will also be educated about scientific methods of food to control diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. People will also be made aware of the need, importance and method for adopting healthy food.

A policy by IMA on good food was adopted by the recent Central Working Committee meeting held at Port Blair. The policy highly recommends the food plate method which has one half of plate filled with vegetables and fruits and the other half of the plate filled with proteins and whole grains. It’s important that you pay heed to this information, if you are at risk, and take control of your health before it’s too late!

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