What it takes to become a phenomenal athlete like MC Mary Kom?

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What it takes to become a phenomenal athlete like MC Mary Kom?

Name, MC Mary Kom need no introduction since, she had already gained a lot of recognition and popularity in the past six years! Her achievements are like a non-stoppable series of awards.

Mary Kom’s Achievements Highlight

  • Mary Kom is the only woman to achieve the tag of World Amateur Boxing champion for six times in a row.
  • She’s the only female boxer who won medals in each of the seven world championships.
  • The only Indian female boxer who qualified 2012 Summer Olympics with the bronze.
  • The first Indian female boxer who won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games (2018).
  • Already a Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri awardee.
  • Founder of Mary Kom-SAI Boxing Academy.


Well, you have to take a breath as you read through her achievements!

Her way back inspiring journey took us to what it takes to become a phenomenal athlete like her. At the level she represents India today needs determination to prove yourself wrong, serious fitness goals and a healthy relationship between your body and what you eat.

Mary Kom’s Declaration Of Being A Champion- One of her Instagram post says, “Champion are not made in day”

Secret To Be This Fit- In one of her interviews she states, “My career started from athletics, so running is special to me. I was honoured to be the event ambassador for the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019. Running makes sense for every athlete because it helps you build your endurance and stamina. And just in general, it’s a great way for everyone else to stay fit.”


What Diet Plan Does She Follow? An Interview With Her Reveals It All!

Mary Kom says, “I haven’t changed my diet. Whatever I want to eat, I eat. I keep eating different food.

However, mainly, it’s boiled/ sticky rice. She added, survival without rice is not possible for her! In fact, to treat herself, she sometimes relish over jalebi and ice cream. However, she seemed to restrain from spicy food in her followed interview.

Later on, Nikhil Latey, Mary Kom’s physio detailed a bit more about her daily diet.

Mary Kom prefer to have home-cooked Manipuri food in which she like to eat rice and vegetables with meat the most. Multivitamins are the part of her regular regime.

When it was asked, how does she manages to maintain her weight in order to play the type of sports she has chosen? She ended up saying, “I deal with it easily. That is not a big issue for me. Obviously we have to maintain our category weight. Then I keep skipping, maybe I’ll play badminton. I keep doing exercise to maintain fitness”.


Bottom Line

No matter how difficult it is, keep going, keep practicing and most importantly, keep following a healthy diet plan and regular fitness regime. That’s how MC Mary Kom has managed to achieve it all!

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