Unusual Weather Patterns lead to the Longer Spells of Fever and Viruses in Delhi

By      17-Oct 2019       Reading Time: 5 Mins

Unusual Weather Patterns lead to the Longer Spells of Fever and Viruses in Delhi

Sudden weather change can weaken your immune system and make you prone to various seasonal illnesses. As per the latest reports, doctors in Delhi said that problems like fever, sore throat, cough, and general weakness have increased these days. With the adjustment in season, increasing numbers of patients who are suffering from fever are visiting hospitals more frequently with the symptoms of viral illnesses. Doctors said that the virus leading to fever is rising up significantly and almost every third patient visiting the OPD has symptoms of viral illness like runny or stuffy nose, headaches and sneezing.

Viral illnesses that are usually caused due to the change in season can easily be subsidized in a few days but the doctors said that now patients are suffering from fever continuously that lasts long for three to four days. With the symptoms people are complaining about, it is quite possible that this time influenza A virus is attacking the human body more consistently.

Influenza is a type of flu that is a contagious viral infection and can easily attack the respiratory system in the human body.

Influenza viruses are of three main groups i.e. A, B and C and can infect humans in a more harmful manner. Type A influenza infection is extremely dangerous and serious and can also lead to extensive epidemics and ailments.

Dr. Arup Basu, senior consultant, department of chest medicine at Sir Ganga Ram hospital said that the reason for this may be an extensive spell of fever in patients. He further added that children, elderly and people with co-morbidities such as diabetes and heart disease should be extra careful with these types of viruses because these viruses are transmitted in the body in two different ways one is the air and the other is by consuming the deteriorated food and water. Many common diseases like cold, flu and respiratory infections usually spread by the means of air (i.e., when a person gets in touch to an infected person’s coughs or sneezes)

Preventive Measures

For the prevention of this seasonal epidemic, Dr. R K Singhal, director of internal medicine at BLK super specialty hospital said that if the fever and sore throat last for more than 48 hours, one should always consult a doctor.

Doctors also said that the best way to avoid the infection is to maintain hand hygiene and stay away from an infected person. Due to the changing season, the risk of upper respiratory infection and allergy increased and taking care of it with proper medicines and prescriptions is extremely important.

Even if you have a small problem say bad throat, taking advice from a doctor can save you from further serious health ailments. With the onset of winter, the temperature of day and night vary which according to doctors, is prominent for the growth of bacteria that leads to the viral infection.

“Air pollution, which is on the rise in the city, makes the symptoms of viral illnesses worse and recovery even longer,” said doctors. If the pollution level remains significantly high then people with pre-existing respiratory illnesses should take proper care.

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