To Strengthen Critical Healthcare, Walmart expands $1 a day Education Program

By      28-Sep 2019       Reading Time: 3 Mins

To Strengthen Critical Healthcare, Walmart expands $1 a day Education Program

A well-established American multinational retail corporation Walmart Inc. has said that they are going to expand an education program which was initiated last year. They are now offering healthcare degrees for $1 a day, which is a good step to broaden up their lane in the rapidly developing health and wellness market in the United States.

Seven bachelor’s degrees and two diplomas in the profile of health science and healthcare management will now be offered by Walmart.

The previously established program in the fields of business, supply chain management, computer science, cybersecurity is now taking its routes in the healthcare sector and will soon be providing the degrees for the practitioners of medicine.

The company said, “The new offerings will help the retailer train staff to fill critical healthcare roles across its stores, which include more than 5,000 retail pharmacies as well as vision and hearing centres.”

This huge step taken by Walmart not only allows it to wire itself into the healthcare sector but also helping the shoppers with low income while meeting the exigency of senior citizens. It also increases the chance of its visitors to visit its pharmacies while plucking up the additional items.

Walmart signed a deal with Anthem last year which is known as one of the largest insurers in the country. The basic aim of the deal was to attract more “Medicare enrollees to buy over-the-counter medicines and supplies at its stores”.

Now it is offering health services with such affordable fortune and includes great services like dental, x-rays, with mental health counselling as well. One of the largest pharmacy chains is also going to be established by Walmart and they are also going to offer low priced generic drugs and prescriptions.

The statistics said

As per the analysts’ reports, 11% of the company’s merchandise sales are dependent on the health care and wellness products in the upcoming years.

Walmart’s great move gives a significant chance of earning while satisfying their living to U.S. retailers (especially the young ones) who have been struggling with unemployment.

Their in-house studies said “A year after the launch of Walmart’s education program, more than 13,000 Walmart workers have been accepted to at least one of the courses and over 100,000 employees have expressed an interest in joining.”

Walmart is now known as one of the largest U.S. private-sector employers that have a workforce of nearly 1.5 million people.

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