Time for Action: UN Climate Action Summit

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Time for Action: UN Climate Action Summit

The highlight of the story

  • Global temperature has already accumulated more than 1 degree Celsius since pre-industrial time.
  • Climate scientists warn that Earth is on its way to catastrophic 3-degree Celsius rise in the temperature by the end of this century.
  • Sustaining the temperature increase within a somewhat safer 1.5 degrees would mean boosting current situation at least fivefold: the goal should be cutting emissions 45% by 2030 and to net-zero by mid-century.
  • Keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, a threshold intended to avoid catastrophic impacts will require at least a tripling of the emissions reductions as mentioned in the Paris accord.

UN Summit: Call for action

“You all come to us young people for hope. How dare you,” said Thunberg, the most prominent face of the youth climate movement since launching school strikes last year. “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.”

These were the words by 16-year old climate change activist named Greta Thunberg when she made her way to open up at United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019 at United Nations (UN) headquarter dated September 23.

The Summit took place days after when millions of young youth demanded emergency action on climate change around the world. This recent act for emergency action is believed to be the largest climate protest in history until now.

Soon after the protest, young environmental activists who participated in it are already looking for the initiatives to be taken making a sustained pressure on spur governments including the fossil fuel industry already allied with the government. Organizers are holding hope that this protest will definitely help in building the momentum of stress on the national leaders to work towards climate change.

U.N. Secretary, General Antonio Guterres asked world leaders to come up with collective plans to cut back on increasing pollution and not with fancy speeches. In the same context, a number of countries are expected to reduce the emissions of carbon-neutral levels by the mid-century respectively. Continuing further, PM Narendra Modi also promised to introduce more renewable sources of energy. Whereas, German Chancellor Angela Merkel guaranteed to double up the financial contributions towards the global climate change fund.

Analysts are paying close attention to China — the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases — After nearly three decades of rapid growth, China passed the United States to become the world’s largest source of carbon emissions in 2006

Dozens of countries are in the race to meet the modest decline in pollution as they agreed for the same in the Paris accord. Wherein, till next year they are obliged to meet the set these tough targets. And if not met then the leaders will be asked to outline those commitments right away.

In accordance of the World Resources Institute, by the Summit’s eve, there were only 23 small and medium-sized countries in number representing about 2.3% of global emissions with an announcement of their intent to work towards the climate change fight. Whereas, none of the high polluting nations bothered to do so.

As per Guterres, speaking slots were divided amongst the countries with the most credible climate actions to be announced because he wanted the onstage appearing’s to commit the key principles with the inclusion of end report and new coal plants after 2020.

Few countries scheduled to speak next are continuing to use of conventional fossil fuels. China and India are the countries, engaged in developing coal mines and coal power plants. Other major oil producer countries involve Russia and Qatar.

Bottom line

Climate change protest leading to UN Summit is the first step to tamp down the increasing pollution. However, there’s a lot to achieve the reduction targets by 2020. Climate change is real, and it is high time for a stringent action by the entire world.

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