The Rihanna effect: Getting Real about Shapes & Sizes

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The Rihanna effect: Getting Real about Shapes & Sizes

“When you are brave enough to be yourself, you give others the courage to do the same”.

Not just an award-winning pop star, Rihanna has been hailed as a powerhouse of fashion and beauty. She has had a powerful impact on the industry with her encouragement towards beauty that comes in all shapes and sizes. We are aware that millennials are obsessed with fashion and beauty but we forget that each individual is different with respect to choices, views, shapes, size and color. Also, there has been an unnecessary hype over fair and skinny, which is considered as the only criteria for being beautiful. But this human psychology needed a break and Rihanna’s exclusivity paid off with her as an influencer. She has been a symbol for body positivity amidst the criticism of weight gain. This has changed the whole conversation around fashion and beauty and showcases her immense success beyond the music charts.

What is Rihanna Effect?

Rihanna’s Fenty created an overnight sensation serving a diverse range of customers. Before Fenty Beauty was launched, most brands would release lighter shades and add darker hues over time, if at all they were added. It was acceptable to release a small foundation shade range and dark-skinned people were forced to use those limited shades only. But now Rihanna effect is in full effect, and brands such as Morphe, ColourPop, and Huda Beauty have all released larger foundation shade ranges that would suit every color type. Now that Fenty Beauty has adjusted the beauty climate, things will never be the same.

The jewel for the beauty industry

Her crowning achievement justifies beauty for all with Fenty beauty and personal care brand which focuses on people with different shades. It epitomizes unique style with most diverse customer base that revolutionized the whole beauty game. The brand has catered a huge success and cemented Rihanna’s growing global influence.

The debuting of Fenty Beauty with above 40 shades of foundations for different skin tones, ranging from very fair to very deep has come up as an eye-opener for the makeup industry. Now, another stepping stone has been the launch of Pro Filt’r concealer with an enormous range of 50 shades.

Game changer for the fashion industry

The style icon has received accolades for creating a style for women that makes them feel strong yet beautiful. It is believed that the power of fashion plays a potent role in shaping perception.

Rihanna’s Fenty brand has pushed all the boundaries and has been praised for diversity for accepting all shapes and sizes. The body-inclusivity movement has been the huge driving force for encouraging brands to change for the better.

Therefore, she has emerged as an influence with a unique kind of voice to fashion while breaking all stereotypes. Through her own luxury fashion brand, she is here to change the game making a huge development in the fashion world. There is no surprise that she is considered a fashion inspiration and a trend-setter because she is always one step ahead of the game. Her widely successful fashion and beauty brand have been the main reason, which has aided in redefining the industries.

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