Tahira Kashyap Khurrana is Soon Going to Attend Filmfare Event for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Tahira Kashyap Khurrana is Soon Going to Attend Filmfare Event for Breast Cancer Awareness

Last year the famous writer and director Tahira Kashyap Khurrana was detected with breast cancer and the lady stood strong and fought it with her utmost dedication without losing any hope. Back in the previous year, when she shared this unexpected news on social media, the whole b-town and her followers came forward to show emotional support to her with endless captions and tweets.

The lady’s recent post on Instagram to visit the Filmfare is extremely appreciated by a lot of people.

She not only post picture about attending the Filmfare Me 4 Cancer but also wrote a big caption around it.

She wrote that “celebrating breast cancer awareness month with other warriors, waiting to learn more from them! See you in Dubai at the #FilmfareME4Cancer annual CSR event by Filmfare ME and commend the courage of breast cancer warriors.”

Into Her Journey

When she was suffering from breast cancer she was not ready to share it with the world due to the shyness with a thought what people would think of her but a few visits to the hospital, meeting other patients, talking about cancer and researching about it, made her change her mind, she said.

Tahira also told to IANS “No one in my immediate environment judged me. A couple of close relatives asked me and they also assured that this news will remain within the confines of family circle and I thought that maybe that’s the right protocol.”

She believed that cancer in any form is not a thing to be ashamed of. Be it breast cancer or lung cancer, it is just like other normal diseases.

Obviously, it will take time and a lot of courage to fight with it but thinking of it as a humiliation and then seeing yourself with embarrassment is never an option.

Tahira not only want to inspire the world and many other women who are knowingly and unknowingly suffering from it by giving her example but she also wants to tell the universe to support each and every person who is suffering from such heart quenching disease.

There are a lot of cases in which women refuse to get themselves examined further after getting the symptoms because of the taboo associated with it. Some people even feel guilty about it and do not even share or talk about it.

So, understanding this problem and take a step forward by being supportive is extremely crucial and can motivate a person suffering from such disease.

Her Motto is Awareness

Tahira said,

“My simple rule has always been creating awareness about the symptoms of early breast cancer and its detection and self-love.

Even if you are suffering from cancer, do not let it lead you, don’t feel bad and fight with your utmost dedication. Make a mind that you are bigger than the disease and be a strong and resilient person that you always have been.

Removing the shame and taboo associated with cancer is my only motto. No matter what life takes you through, never lose hope and have an enormous love for yourself because only you are going to fight with it and if you lose hope then everyone else will push you down. Make a statement in your mind that you are no less than a warrior and stand by it.”

With such noteworthy words and thoughts, this cancer warrior is surely going to inspire millions of people by giving them the courage and awareness about how to fight with this disease.

Here are some points for prevention of breast cancer. Jot down these in your list and always swear by these!

  • Always try to eat a nutritious diet that is filled with a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • Physical activity is a must. Try to involve in any sort of physical activity on a regular basis for at least 45 minutes.
  • Scratch out alcohol and cigarette from your lifestyle.
  • Keep an eye on processed and junk food you eat and keep it to bare minimum.
  • Medical check-ups at a proper interval of time are a must.
  • Stay aware always.


There is nothing that the human can’t achieve and nothing can ever defeat it. We all just need the right support to fight back like a warrior! There is always so much to learn from our very own warrior princess Tahira Kashyap Khurrana!

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