Sonakshi Sinha Slams the Doors of Body Shaming with a Hard-Hitting Post!

By      05-Nov 2019       Reading Time: 5 Mins

Sonakshi Sinha Slams the Doors of Body Shaming with a Hard-Hitting Post!

Sonakshi Sinha who is not only well known for her acting but is also famous for her dabbang personality in b-town who took a big step towards body shaming and shut down all the negative mouths which criticise her. The actress has shown by giving her example that there is nothing to keep quiet and listen to the trolls that make fun of her. The actress had never behind to stand up for herself and this time again, she has sent a positive message across the world against body-shaming.

Sonakshi Sinha recently shared a video titled ‘bigger than them.’ “Kalank’s” actress talked about how she has been under fire for her body and weight and now is the time to fight with these trolls and put a stop to the mouth of others. Sonakshi Sinha read comments like “cow on the catwalk, aunty Ji” and “fatso” at the beginning of the video that has been addressed to her and calls these slammers as “people who just want to kill your vibe.” She added, “Those who have all the time to judge others and no work to do.” In the video, Sonakshi said that there was a time when she was bothered by such comments and trolls on her picture and often “feel angry, hurt and even numb.” However, with time the actress knows the trick to deal with it and learnt how to laugh and let it go all of it.

Sonakshi’s Struggle
Sonakshi said that earlier she was bothered by such comments on her body and underwent a body transformation and lost over 30 kilograms so that people won’t talk about her being overweight and bulky. But even after shedding 30 kilograms, those who want to post and comment will do it no matter what. ‘And that’s when I said, to hell with them. I made it as I was and I have nothing to hide. Not my curves, not my weight. Not my image.’

Number of celebrities have come together to support Sonakshi Sinha and post a lot with big captions and images about the same. The video ended with, “Sonakshi Sinha kabhi nahi hogi khamosh. I’ve never felt the need to react because I always believed I was “Bigger Than Them’”… Pun intended.”

The step took by Sonakshi Sinha is mind-blowing and took the whole Instagram and her followers to follow her and stop the criticism in the name of weight and body. Paying heed towards self- confidence and be comfortable in our own skin type is only significant and essential and this is what matters.

It is fine to have a different body and hating your body is never an option. Let the people say whatever they want to say. Everybody is different! When people are comfortable with their complexions, there is nothing wrong to be comfortable with a different body.

Here is what you can do when you are being body shamed.

  1. Show them how much you love yourself.
  2. Don’t show that you feel bad and remind them of your worth and self-love.
  3.  Always eat up healthy.
  4. Swallow down the water and the negative comments together.
  5. Always be relaxed with your body type first.
  6.  Exercise positive self-talk.

    Let us all say bye-bye to humiliation and embarrassment and be proud of our own body type. Being comfortable in your skin and body is the new happy. We wish you a comfortable body type!

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