Shelly Ann Broke Usain Bolt’s Record in World Athletic Championship

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Shelly Ann Broke Usain Bolt’s Record in World Athletic Championship

Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce a Jamaican sprint queen broke Usain Bolt’s gold medal record. The lady has proved herself as one of the best returning new mothers and lit up the World Athletics Championships like nothing else. This is Shelly Ann’s first major championships after having a long time off from the sport to have children. It was a three-day competition and was played inside the Khalifa Stadium. 2017 championships were skipped by the 32-year-old Shelly-Ann due to the reason of giving birth to her first child has now delivered an amazing run and covered the 100m in 10.71sec.

“To be standing here as world champion again after having my baby, I am elated,” said Fraser-Pryce. “The females keep showing up. We love to perform and for me, I am just really happy to come away with the win.”

From the gunshot, Fraser Pryce was in control but stepped out of the blocks in the opening 20 metres and successfully took the lead.

She has proved her victory from that point only and showed the audience that she is the only winner there. To significantly add in the titles that were won in 2009, 2013, and 2015 the veteran Jamaican proudly swept off the line of the race.

How Shelly Ann Slayed
When speaking at the Christmas lunch at the South Camp Juvenile Correctional and Remand Centre for Girls last year, she referred to her difficult start in life, saying: “I suffered from self-esteem issues because I didn’t have the nice clothes and the nice house and had to take the bus. I wanted to fit in and would make up stories just to be accepted, so I can relate to the issues related to poverty.”

Usain Bolt had always dominated the world of sprinting, but his new lady companion has shown the world that woman’s are never behind in anything. The whole world is proud of her victory. The 33 year-old was failed to entitle for the individual 400m event in Doha has shown beyond the doubt that if you have the courage in your heart, nothing can ever stop you!

With many years of experience, Fraser-Pryce nailed the event and looked tranquil throughout the whole race and flaunts her trademark style while brightening up the competition.

The superstar always had a different style and preferred a bright yellow hair in the heats while she chose a “unicorn” styled theme for this one.

“I needed something sweet, Doha is already hot. I got my unicorns. They say unicorns are something you never see but here I am,” she joked.

The Footnote
The lady has set a new record in the whole world while inspiring all those who lose hopes due to certain reasons. The lady is a huge example of all those supermoms who stop due to unavoidable ailments and still want to pursue their area of interests. Here’s to women power! All hail the champ.

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