PUBG and Other Mobile Gaming Addiction Leading to Altered Mental Health

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PUBG and Other Mobile Gaming Addiction Leading to Altered Mental Health

Irrespective of age, almost all of us own a smartphone and playing mobile games has become a thing, no matter what the age is! Be it, children or adults, everybody is indulging in this type of gaming and investing a lot and a lot of their time in this. Wherever we look, whether it is public transport, or offices, colleges, or schools, almost everyone around us has jammed their heads in the mobile game with much enthusiasm and big smirk. However, no one really talks about its effects on the mind and body.  

“Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” or “PUBG”, is one of the current addictions amongst the youth and it is the most played game nowadays. PUBG is a multiplayer online shooter game that permits for solo or team play and takes the players in the battlefield and allows 100 players at a time into an enclosed space to fight and scavenge for weapons. The last player in the ground gets the “Chicken dinner”.  
World Health Organization (WHO) has now recognized “gaming disorders” as a mental health condition. We are here to tell you about how mobile games like PUBG can affect your real life. Scroll down to know more!

Two Sides of the Coin
Games like PUBG can have both positive and negative effects.

A little bit of it Has Positive Side Too
Many scientists and psychologists said that video games if played in a controlled manner, can have great benefits on the brain of the human body. One such main advantage is making people smart. “Video games change your brain,” according to the University of Wisconsin psychologist C. Shawn Green. Just like learning to read, navigating using a map, or playing the piano modify the process of the brain. Similarly, playing video games online improves the physiological structure of the brain. Just like exercise can build muscles similarly playing such games will take your mind towards the building. Playing this game requires a lot of
interpretation and a lot of care as well these two factors coordinate with the brain’s interpretation and reaction and boost the process of thinking in the brain which is quint-essential for the eye and hand coordination that makes people even smarter.

Surplus of Something is Always Harmful
Excess of anything is always harmful, even the water consumption in excess quantity is harmful. So, playing or indulging a lot in online gaming can become an addiction sometimes and make you violent and disrupt the process of the brain as well. 
Commission for Protection of Child Rights said that games like PUBG are harmful and playing such video/ online games in excess is proven to be negative for the health of the brain.
Due to the violence it contains, children who play such violent video games are more prone to increased aggressive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Addiction to video games increases depression and anxiety levels. Addiction can also lead to social phobias and too much video game keeps you busy and make you socially isolated. Problems like less sleeping can also be introduced after regularly playing such mobile games.

Although, every person is different and reacts differently to such games but taking care of hours spending in these games is extremely beneficial. Some people think of it as boring while some see it as extra-ordinarily interesting. Some people don’t change their perception after playing such games while some people develop a whole new spectrum in their mind after playing such games. But taking proper care of time invested in such games is extremely important. Always keep an eye on the hours you are spending on these games and never let it impact your health and brain!

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